Kim Zigfield continues to destroy Publius Pundit

with continued paper-thin descriptions of world events (in this case, Bhutto), and shrill, nonsensical denunciations of any contrary views.  (See comments — the evidentiary bar for “Bhutto” and “corrupt” is not exactly a high one, but denouncing someone as a KKK type simply for possessing a historical memory going back to the 1990s?)  One expects this on blowhard La Russophobe… but this is not what Publius Pundit was supposed to be about.

PubliusPundit used to be a blog that dared to describe the complicated, which meant going way past MSM-echo chamber writing, and which dared to go against the CW by asking the hard questions… including questioning democracy itself when the implementation thereof is incapable of defending peoples’ freedom.  A reader will learn more from a single one of Robert Mayers’ old posts than they will from three months of the shallow, ad-hominem-laced schlock that is on the menu today.  It’s almost tragic:  it was an actual honor to be able to put in a guest column or two on the old Publius Pundit… today, I’d be embarrassed to get a link from it.

This is pathetic.  Mayer either needs to get her the hell off his blog, while there’s something left to salvage, or at the very least insist on an editorial standard that rises above junior-high-school histrionics and ad-hominem.

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  1. I just posted a reply. Let’s play ad hominem bingo.

    Nazi. Nazi.
    Fascist. Fascist.
    Corporate Tool. Corporate Tool.
    Racist. Racist.
    Klansman. Klans-

    BINGO! I have it! 5 Across!

    Let’s check the card. Op! You’re not a corporate tool. That makes you a liar.

    Bingo? Bingo!

    Sir can you have a seat? Thanks. Ma’am? Can you come up here? Let’s check. Nazi, Fasci-, Liar, Corpora- Yep. We have a winner.

  2. It is actually about that ridiculous. it’s a crying damn shame what has been done to that site. You know Publius used to actually get real attention for its coverage and analysis?

    Now it’s just a soapbox for a blowhard. Sad.

  3. No ad hominem so far. Russophobe make a pretty cogent reply. Here’s my response.
    We agree and we disagree. Let’s go to the disagreements first.

    1. She risked her life for democracy and the future of her country.

    She risked her life for power. In an earlier response, you made a tangental comparison between her and Martin Luther King. This breaks down on one level. She got to be president, and did very little to improve Pakistan, and there’s a strong argument she made it worse. For the analogy to match King would have had to have successfully run for president, and then left segregation in place while channeling funds into his foreign bank accounts, after which he is forced to leave the country. Additionally, he would have had to fight for that money in foreign courts to keep every single dime, never once returning the money to the public coffers from whence it came. Additionally, he would have had to have been supporting the Klan to go after communists, to then later be assassinated by a politically revitalized and muscular white supremacy movement.

    2. Lots of Brits wanted George Washington dead, and he owned slaves. Nobody is perfect.

    Good point. However, with Washington, lots of his own country men were willing to fight and die for him. The majority in fact. Conversely, with Bhutto, lots of her country men wanted her out of power. A majority in fact. In terms of slavery, the recognized evil that it is now, was not a crime at the time. Embezzlement was a crime and gross breach of the public trust during Bhutto’s first term.

    As for people killing her, I don’t think you have to look overseas for people who wanted her dead. It’s possible, but again, it’s more likely the culprits came from inside the country, start to finish.

    The embezzlement and cronyism under her terms wasn’t remarkable (again, look at Sharif) but it still siphoned billions away from public projects and ruined her politically for a almost a decade, while crippling the credibility of civilian government in Pakistan as a whole. Same thing with Sharif. Sincerely idealistic people don’t generally pursue public service careers in Pakistan as a result.

    The danger that I see is that if we misidentify what Bhutto was, then we make the mistake of trying to find “Another Bhutto” when what we are looking for never existed in the first place. Sharif is trying to fill that role right now by talking about international consensus, and democratic processes and how much he is like Bhutto and how they were such great colleagues. It’s disgusting, frankly, and we should not take this guy at face value for anything he says. But if he uses the right verbiage, he can seduce some. We have to be honest, BRUTALLY honest if we’re going to proceed intelligently.

    Here’s where we agree completely.

    1. Most of all, she was America’s friend and ally. Beggars can’t be choosers, and if we can’t support our allies in places like Pakistan, we deserve to suffer.

    Bullseye. Poetry. How can we be better allies? How can we help our friends?

  4. Jimb Limbo

     /  March 14, 2008

    Kim Z approach si to drag any discourse down to her level of name-calleing. I wonder how this dried out and lonely woman lives her life. I don’t really want to find out.


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