Cue D.C. catfight in five, four…

I was actually going to say cockfight, but given the nature of the post, thought that might have been inappropriate.

Mein bruder was musing over folks in the Castro and their desire not to be labelled ‘genetically gay‘ for various reasons (and it’s a topic that picks up some steam, not to mention consternation in Congress, as John Tierney, not exactly a die-hard liberal, discusses in the NYT.)

But I realized something reading the link of my brother’s site: if homosexuals can point to a genetic cause for their “condition,” (yes, I know, ducking for cover here) then they WILL, not may, win a fight in the courts for gay and lesbian marriage under the Equal Protection clause… because Equal Protection will wind up trumping “marriage = man+woman” in the courts once one gets into the essentially legal nature of civic unions (rather than religious sacraments, which is a very different critter that just happens to share the same name). That’s just the way it is… the entire structure of 20th-century civil rights progress in America is predicated on EP being the “trump card” in our politics. (more below)

That means a firestorm of controversy is coming down the pipe, and it’s about to get more shrill, rather than less, because, pace Tierney, whether he thinks sexuality, or marriage itself, is the government’s business, any politician who wants to pull votes on a divide-and-conquer basis is going to run to the most extreme corner of the position and start screeching bloody murder in order to get the press time.

It’s going to get ugly and stay that way, because there are lots and lots of good arguments all around the block, and all of them are going to come smack-dab into peoples’ fundamental definitions of who they are… and even what human beings are. (Check the commentary to Tierney’s post for only a mild taste of the human-vs-animal-nature vitriol that will be flying down the pipe soon).


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  1. blackpine

     /  December 14, 2007

    I’m for the irrelevance of the genetic disposition for homosexuality against the day that someone might find a “cure”. Let equal people marry equal people. No polygamy.


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