Proto-power armor

Nuff said.

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  1. Mike

     /  November 24, 2007

    Oh. OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh.

    I want one.

    I want one NOW!

  2. Me wants it….

  3. Mike

     /  November 27, 2007

    You know the biigest thing about this has nothing to do with Power Armor suits, it has to do with labor saving. Like the bit in the clip about moving ammo cans, this exo-skeleton will be a huge impact with the Combat Support people and the armorers. I’d bet that the first combat arms guys to use will be artillerymen so they can throw shells around quicker.

    Hell, this could be the rebirth of the 8incher. The problem with that outstanding, wonderful and completely amazing weapon was that the damn shells were really heavy (not that 155mm are particularly light) so the rate of fire was slower (but damn what fire).

    But the air force and navy can make a bunch of use out of this bad boy, espeically with aircraft rearming.

    But of course, I would pass out from happiness seeing 12 armored versions of this marching down a street towards some AIF. I am thinking M240 Machine guns for main armament, 2 single shot grenade launchers or a armburst rocket launcher for the heavy stuff (with thermobarbaric warheads of course).

    And a sound system playing “To the Ever-lasting glory of the Infantry…”

  4. Mike

     /  November 27, 2007

    Or maybe “In heaven there is no beer…”

  5. blackpine

     /  November 28, 2007

    I was thinking about inflatable boots for sounds suppression, a vehicle thermograph and a 20 millimeter rifle. Look through the wall and then shoot: makes Urban combat boring. 50 cal and Mk 19 crews just turned into true light infantry weapons.

  6. happycrow

     /  November 28, 2007

    Oddly enough, I just had the Queen soundtrack for Highlander pop into my head… “here we are, born to be Kings…”

    You know the infantry has come into its own when they have their own brapguns.

  7. Wow, you guys are more visionary. I was just thinking about using one for hoofing about the back-woods with all my camera gear, and so my crippled up granny could get around the house….

    Heinlein-ian MI is a good thing too. :o)

  8. Wow, look at what WordPress just did with that ellipsis!

  9. Alex

     /  November 28, 2007

    Why not higher rate of fire? The hydraulics on this could easily handle a M214 minigun and the ammo for it. But Blackpine is onto something – if you can carry a heavier weapon that can fire through walls potentially you have a high mobile armored vehicle that can fit into tight places. Put these in an alley to either core out passing armored vehicles because they can carry a small anti-tank gun and then move quickly to another location and set up again.
    As for music, pick something annoying to the enemy. Like “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston at 200 decibels? Or on the beer theme – “The Beer Song” by Psychostick.

  10. Mike

     /  November 28, 2007

    Crap, lost a post. Basically it was forget miniguns, burns ammo too fast, so you slow the rate of fire in which case a normal MG works fine. Don’t say that this suit can just pack more ammo, 6000 rounds for 1 minute of firing is way too much for a basic load and reloading it would be a bear. Nice simple belts work best. I think using standard weapons work fine, there is nothing that a 7.62 MG, a 40mm GL and a couple of standard dumb rockets can’t finish off. We have them already so why spend money when you have proven tech? We could upgrade with some of our new toys such as GPS 44 lbs rockets and laser guided mortar rounds for no real issues. Which then led me to say we are now talking about types of Free Quebec Glitter Boy Power Armors.

    ANd then I ended by saying: “Blackpine, Palladium Books is releasing a Zombie Holocaust Game this Christmas.”

  11. Mike, so long as we CAN have an individual guy hauling a brapgun, any actual real-world, real-logistics solution we come up with from there is cake.

    go go gadget glitterboy.

  12. Alex

     /  November 29, 2007

    Certainly with this weight benefit and a normal MG…why not make the ammo DU slug based?
    Oh I know, not terribly practical, but now every round is truly an armor piercing one and with a good thermal sight like Andy indicates, you have a mobile gun platform that can literally go anywhere and into any nook and cranny.
    Or just stick to normal infantry weapons – nothing special, and instead up-armor. Indeed this is what was done with M1 tank and its turbine engine. It had so much power that they were able to continue to up armor it and it still could keep up 55mph cross-country terrain speeds.
    Mobile power for this suit though is another matter.

  13. Mike

     /  December 1, 2007

    The thing is that this isn’t able to carry so much as we would like. 6000 rounds of ammo is a load and a half for a heliocopter (especially twice over), never mind a gen one PA suit. Using some DU would be a good idea. But with armor, you couldn’t have that big a load of ammo and still be mobile.

  14. blackpine

     /  December 3, 2007

    I was thinking of a one shot one kill system with good optics. IF you need change the mount to a SAW, and if you need urban pacification go for the 8 gauge (19.5 mm) CAW developed by HK and S&W. If the gun is then attached to high end optics, it expands the visibility of the soldier to keep him away from an ambush. The Finns had a 20 mm antitank rifle in world war two that took two men on skis. What was that wonderful Soviet Era 14.5 mm rifle called? Something like that.

  15. Alex

     /  December 4, 2007

    You’re thinking of the PTRD/PTRS-41. However the better anti-tank rifle of WWII was the PZB-38.39 – a much smaller round but with the use of squeeze velocity rifling have large increases in round velocity that cored right through armor.
    If you look at the recoil behind these things then your idea of a one shot kill system with very good optics becomes even more plausible.


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