Presidential Debates: Obama/Edwards Tagteam?

This could get fun.

UPDATE: It appears to have legs, too. Weird. Usually anything that might be bad for Clinton gets instantly deep-sixed. Staffers beware: this is a real risk for Senator Clinton. “Take-down-the-leader” is traditional primary politics. Suggestions that this is unfair are going to come across as very whiny.

The conventional wisdom says that if “the men” pick on poor little Hillary, they risk turning off voters. But if they don’t do something, and do it impressively fast, they stand no chance of getting the nomination. And they can’t go after her on qualifications (because Obama and Edwards are themselves notoriously thin in the resume department).

So why not tag-team her on the real issue when it comes to the general election? Put bluntly, character is the issue with Senator Clinton, just like it was with her husband. Hillary’s a vicious, manipulative, conniving, two-faced bitch. And everybody knows it. The only difference is between those who support her because she’s their vicous, manipulative, conniving, two-faced bitch, and those who would crawl naked over broken glass to vote against her for just those reasons.

Not to mention once again having a Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton royalist White House.

I’m not going to go into paroxysms of hate for Hillary the way I had Clinton Derangement syndrome (except insofar as I’ll probably believe the entire rumor mill, because there doesn’t seem to be a low she won’t stoop to). She’s a cockroach: Washington’s full of them, and we can survive a Clinton Part Deux Presidency, because whereas nobody’s sure what Condoleeza Rice might do vis-a-vis military force, if Clinton says she’s going to bomb someone, the bombs will fall. That night. By 11pm or your money back.

But I’m still going to vote against her, no matter what, partially because she’s a communitarian, my precise ideological opposite, but mostly b/c she abuses her Secret Service detail, and that shows a lack of class I can’t ignore even in a Washington cockroach. None of the Republican Roaches, with the possible exception of “I’m John Spit-on-the-Constitution McCain,” are so bad that I’d stay home that night.

Now, Obama? If he had the nod… dude, I’m in Texas. I’m staying home that night. And if Obama and Edwards can tag-team her on character so hard that her own party realizes “hey, her negatives really are so bad as to make her unelectable,” then they’ve got a chance, and can even keep out the small-fry by running Pres-Veep afterwards.

It’s good politics, they’ve got nothing to lose, and it’s significantly less vicious than anything Clinton would pull under the same circumstances.

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  1. Did you just suggest tag teaming Hillary? Oh lord, here comes lunch…

  2. Her own party will want her, since the primaries are machine-driven. It’s the swing voters that’ll reject her in the main race. It’s gonna be Kerry all over again and I’m going to have to vote for McCain or Giuliani or some other liberal just to keep her outta office.

  3. Right now, I’d say it could be her race to lose — will be interesting. The Republicans are in their official “it’s a campaign year, so let’s talk like we remember our principles.” And to be honest, there are some that do… but 2004/05 was a real eye-opener for anybody who thought the Reaganites were anything but a minor faction within the Elephant…


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