Cash for hitting people…

I wonder, next spring, if I should plunk down 80 bucks for the possibility of making a grand in one day?

Would Happycrow beat up people with a wooden sabre for money?  Oh, you betcha…

Of course, Technogypsy might come out with his spear, and then I’m screwed.  But, still.  Could I take sabre against the longsword people?  I think so… and in continuous action where you’re not being separated, it’s all about “get past the spear.”  Might be do-able.

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  1. Anna

     /  October 26, 2007

    Oh, yes…::evil grin:: Please!

  2. happycrow

     /  October 26, 2007

    Well, technically, I’d have to go back for the grand championship, so it’d be two days… but still, that’s hard to beat, right?

  3. Anna

     /  October 26, 2007

    Yep, indeed. And it’s in Tyler too…I’d say go for it.

  4. The rules seem to ignore armor, though. That’s not great.

  5. I don’t mind that at all. The only thing that gives me pause is the restriction against head-shots, as it gives a serious rules advantage to the shield and two-weapon guys, and critically handicaps the stave and polearm users.

  6. Mike

     /  October 26, 2007

    Can I use a rifle if I mount a bayonnet on it? I promise not to load it.

  7. It’s pre-1700 with no head-shots, but i could get you a real awkward spear if you like…

  8. yeah, definitely go for it…

  9. Mike

     /  October 26, 2007

    That’s no fun. How about a trebuchet?

  10. Alex

     /  October 26, 2007

    Or a ballista?
    OOOH OOOH I know. I want plague ridden blankets. I’ll always win with those. 🙂

  11. blackpine

     /  October 26, 2007

    rifle with bayonet would be a spear with a club stock. Might not be bad, really. How will you curve the wood to get the effect of a sabre?

  12. happycrow

     /  October 27, 2007

    Simple. I’ve got to trim my plum and peach trees anyway. Start with a stick that has a curve, then carve it into a sabre. Traditional, and you always have the grain you want.

    Otherwise, take a bokken, modify the curve, and then cut it out corner by corner with a bandsaw after having taken the wood over the joiner first. More work, fancier product.

  13. Does this involve bloodletting? If not, and it’s in Tyler, we might make it a field trip 😉

  14. Shouldn’t be any bloodletting at all: if you break a bone or draw blood, you’re instantly disqualified.

  15. COOOL. Keep us in the know. Sounds like a LOT of fun!

  16. celogomama

     /  October 31, 2007

    Checked the website and have notified my hs group. I really hope you go for it!


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