This is why the (L)ibertarians are screwed.

So long as Republicans, even junior members, keep posing gut-check-bold legislation on taxes, the Libertarian Party at large is going to be unable to undo the Reagan Coalition.

Of course, the other side of that coin is, well, since when was a Rockefeller Republican shy about encouraging voters to look elsewhere?

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  1. Hrm – well it looks nice on the surface. I would get by better on deductions as a small business owner and father of many 🙂

    I say we tax the living daylights out of big companies. Most of them are so rich all they worry about is buying each other out. Monopoly-friendly policy is already killing many industries. Give them steep breaks for R&D and real capital investment so that they start building, manufacturing, developing and most importantly hiring. Right now they sit around and eye the neighbors.

    There’s nothing wrong with getting rich – I just want to see growth that translates into a larger middle class.

  2. As a Libertarian I’d happily be screwed in the election if this came to pass. Actual conservatives in the Republican party who want to force a smaller federal budget — GASP!

    I’d sign up for it in a red-hot minute, especially because the choice would belong to the taxpayer.

    If they go ahead and screw us Libertarians like that we’ll send lots of roses & chocolate.

  3. I Agree with Jim. Oh to be screwed like that. Give me the double whammy of getting Ron Paul elected and I will gladly rend my Libertarian registration card asunder. However, this isn’t likely to be the behavior to come out of the Republicans. The bill will die and that bastion of conservatism Giuliani will be nominated…and so the beast of Kyre Banorg continues to pretend to be one thing, while behaving altogether differently.

  4. Well, there went MY thunder. So, to reiterate, in looks like some of the policies that the Libertarians are trying to bring to the fore are getting some attention from a party that had forgotten from whence it came. I am all for that, but I am not ready to tear up my Libertarian Membership card just yet.

  5. Yes, and as previously stated, one should never underestimate the power of the Republicans to pointlessly piss off their own base and to thereby steal defeat from the jaws of victory.


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