When you’ve “Got Game”

You’ve got game.

I’m no fan of bullfighting — don’t see the point in doing that to animals.  But still… you can’t deny the prowess involved here, most of it non-human.

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  1. Wow, incredible horsemanship and that horse is simple _amazing_.

    I’m not opposed to bull fighting, it seems no less evil than cutting the throat or shooting the animal. The animal dies all the same.

    Personally I wouldn’t want to witness or perform any blood sport – but perhaps we’re a squeamish bunch now that we get our food from a window – or more for the adventuresome – “hunt it down” in the freezer aisle.

    We kill things and eat them – what’s so bad about that?

  2. I’ve got nothing against killing and eating things. I’m not much for treating food as a spectator sport.

    Mileage will vary, of course…

  3. Having been to one and met many of the Spanish people, I’ll take their attitude and respect of bovines over our of squeamishness, fear or at best indifference any day.

    Considering the number of bulls I’ve met and their two favorite pastimes of fightin’ and f…. spending time with the ladies; I’m of a mind that if the bulls were able to they might well volunteer for the arena. Of course that requires a heavy dose of anthropomorphism, which is a the heart of most of this cultures animal issues anyway… so I guess we best not go there.

    Great link regardless

  4. happycrow

     /  September 19, 2007

    Don’t get me wrong: I’ve got a lot more respect for this than for, say, cockfighting or dogfighting. But it’s not my favorite thing. Anyway, both the horse and rider are amazing.

  5. Agreed there. I don’t believe I”ve seen a more in control fearless horse. Makes you appreciate the potential of a horse in combat situation and how many would of been anywhere near that capable (oh but if they were)

  6. I cannot help it, but I still root for the bull.

    He is pretty much the only one in that arena that does not have a say over his fate.

  7. Yep. How ya been, stranger?

  8. I have been running like my pants are on fire and my hair is catching,

    Things are starting to settle down a bit now, though. I think we are LONG overdue for a social call, eh?

    My grill still works…..

  9. Works for me… we’re painting this weekend, maybe-probably, but I think we could bang out a time… maybe next Saturday, asks the Bunny?

  10. you mean saturday 10/6?

  11. Yep… I’ve got to teach that morning, but the afternoon’s free.

  12. You is ON, Homey!

  13. Anna

     /  October 4, 2007

    Yay!!! Hey, anything you need from the farmers market for this? I am going Saturday morning…


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