EU Skeptics Put Paid to Ag Policy…

It starts to seriously look like the technocrats have just managed to artificially engineer a food shortage… or at least a serious price spike.

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  1. Mike

     /  September 15, 2007

    This SO figures. Typical, you put someone who has never been on a farm in charge of all the farms and this is what you get. Land being “set aside” for one thing NEVER means that it isn’t in use. It means that you are not using it for that specific reason. I have been hearing that there are some major protests in Mexico because some idiots (the green crew up north) are buying up all the corn for ethanol and causing a huge spike in prices for THE major food staple for over 70% of the Mexican population.

    And we can’t drill for oil? Nice job Greenpeace.

  2. Yup – heard about that as well.

    Doesn’t it always seem that every time we try to do something good we end up causing more harm?

  3. Mike

     /  September 17, 2007

    No, what happens is whenever we let idiots who want to feel good without the work come up with ideas and impliment them without really checking into them we cause more harm.

    For the Mexican thing though, it is a bit different. When the US really started getting into it, they did take a hard look. But they only looking in the US (which is a major step up from what normally happens granted), and didn’t think about how this might effect other countries. Wheat is our staple, they forgot that corn/maize is the staple of everyone else and then forgot that do-gooding is trumped by money. I.E. if you can sell the corn for twice the price to the gringos up north, it is a sure thing that that is what will happen.

    End result, the poor suffer a huge price increase of their major food and the US gets the blame, and the eco-socialists blame capitalism and not the fact that they didn’t do a complete set of homework.

  4. Alex

     /  September 17, 2007

    Tyranny of the minority.
    Seems to happening a lot these days with vocal minorities on both sides of the political spectrum dictating what happens to the majority.


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