Blossom the Possum

It’s kind of sad, really.  We have so little animal life in the neighborhood that we’re thrilled to see a possum.

No pictures yet.

The Bunny says we have plenty: bunnies in office buildings, stray cats everywhere, a hawk we see about every other month, an occasional coyote ducking into the brush near DFW, and once a year or so we might see a raccoon.

But that’s really nowhere near enough critters in my life, as I see it.  The Bunny’s a city girl, nowadays…

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  1. Anna

     /  August 29, 2007

    Man, you suck…


  2. Come visit in NC… I’ve got more critters than you’d know what to do with (but with the big smoker I’ve got we could probably figure something out) 😛

    One thing you can do is put up a humming bird feeder. I’m not a big bird watcher but you so rarely just see the things out that they are a treat to see. The wife and I would of never thought we had the things around until she picked up a feeder at a garage sale and probably within about a half hour we had birds fighting for position.

  3. alex

     /  August 30, 2007

    Yeah – you want some of my wildlife? I live in a very crowded suburb area and we have quite a bit of possums, rabbits, squirrels, birds (cardinals, goldfinch, doves, robins, sparrows, hummingbirds, etc.), a family of hawks across the street, an occasional red fox, and the local neighborhood cats.

    But yes, if you want more, put up a few birdfeeders and throw out some cracked corn. Before you know it you’ll have more than you’ll want to deal with.

    Actually, I’m surprised you don’t have more.

  4. Oh, we’ve got small birdies, definitely. But rabbits we only see hiding in hedges at schools and office buildings, and the only reason we ever see the coyotes is because the airport gives them habitat that can’t be paved over.

  5. Anna

     /  August 30, 2007

    Alex, I told you he sucks…:-) We have all of those, except the fox. he just for some reason expects that they show up at our door every day and beg him to look at them or something…?:-)
    And I have a hummingbird feeder too. It’s not season yet–they migrate trough here, so soon it will be time to fill it up again.

  6. Well, it’d be fun to watch Spot scare off another raccoon… that was weird and wild.

    (Spot thinks she’s hot stuff, but she weighs about 7 pounds soaking wet).

  7. Madeleine

     /  August 30, 2007

    I find that if I stand out in the backyard and sing, lots of animated critters pop out of no where and join me – it’s especially nice when I have to scrub the floors for my wicked stepmother… 🙂

  8. Anna

     /  August 30, 2007

    Oh no…now I have a visual featuring your kitties trying to catch the birds while you sing…:-)

  9. alex

     /  August 30, 2007

    Oh I see – someone is perhaps missing the trees for the the forest?

    Honestly I’m glad to see so much wildlife every day, even in urban settings doing so well. My favorites were the Commando Squirrels from the University of South Carolina. If you ate outside they would team up on you. Two would get your attention from the front, a few in the trees would then distract you further with loud chirps and throwing a stick or nut or two, and then the other two would jump from the side and snag the bag of fast food right out of your hand. For some reason these squirrels LOVED burger king fries. Then there was the one that climbed the outer brick/pebblestone wall of our 7 story physical sciences building. During a group meeting on the 5th floor I watched him climb up the wall past the window, look in to size up what was in, and then keep moving up. He came back down later with something in his mouth and I swear he gave me the finger as I looked at him in amazement.

  10. Anna

     /  August 30, 2007

    I have fond memories and some pictures of the squirrels in Kensington Park, London, UK, where the little cruters ate from your hands. I discovered this when I sat down on a bench during my daily walks there (3 months research grant, college dorm 5 minutes from the park…) and started to munch on a granola bar (GOOD granola bars in the UK in case anyone needs that info…). It took one little bastard about a minute to appear on a branch to the right side of the bench, run down on it to the bench and tentatively walk up to me placing its SHARP-clawed little paw on my knee, looking at me like : “Well…? How about some breakfast, lady?”
    After that I started to carry some dry breakfast cereal in my pocket in a ziplock baggie. It was fun doing the same with birds too, standing in the middle of the immaculately manicured lawn holding your hand out and having the yellow, blue and brown creatures land on you for a split second, grab a piece of cereal and fly away. Russ has some pictures of several blurs hovering above my outstetched hand.

  11. Fried in peanut oil?
    The FRIES, the FRIES, man, I’d never fry a squirrel.

    thems fer pies, like granddad use to make.

  12. Mike

     /  August 30, 2007

    Well, I am not sure if I count considering I live on a farm, but we have a flock of wild Turkeys now in residence at our cabin. And the herd of friggin deer that we can’t seem to get rid of no matter how many we shoot. We also have opposums, squirrels, rabbits (to include the jumbo jack rabbit kind that make you go “WTF was THAT?). We had some foxes at the old place, and we still have a badger or two ranging around down by the river. Oh yeah, if I include the river that means the catfish and the beavers.

    And that big damn hoot owl.

    Yeah, we have some wild life around here.

    Oh yeah, the cougars/mountain lions and wild cats have moved in too (thank you Mr. Environmentalist for THAT bit of non-native wildlife).

    Er, and coyotes.

    Damn, anyone want some of this stuff?

  13. Anna

     /  August 30, 2007

    I take some of the deer and the rabbits provided they are dressed first…:-)

  14. Well, you could help him shoot them…

  15. I encourage all the wildlife I can get in my backyard. I have really appreciated the fact that Happycrow brought me into the Dirt Doctor’s web site. I have always avoided nasty poisons and weeders in the yard, but that has made things a lot better in that regard.

    I have a very large lizard that lives in our mulberry tree again. I thought I had lost him. But the late lizard had progeny, evidently, and one of his descendants has the place now. Along with that I have out up a bird feeder, so that the birds that are used to eating the mulberries every year now have a supplemental food, and i have been keeping the bath full of water.

    Larger animals have trouble here because of the local dogs and my own beagle.I do have a squirrel here large enough to challenge a pretty big cat, but that is about all.

    Now, my Mom, on our place in Arkansas….THAT is a different story. They have brown bears, coyotes, and possums and other mammals of all descriptions. I pity the fool that actually first tries to hunt deer on HER own property.My Mom takes better care of that property than a small army of park rangers. She even puts out grain and salt licks so that the deer that get run off of other places have a place of refuge there. It is like walking into a wildlife menagerie.

    The Choctaw woman has her own place and the critters KNOW IT. It reminds me of Disney movies where all the animals gather and somehow decide to live in peace and not mess with the benevolent humans. It is something to see, I tell ya. If I were to meet big-foot out there, it would be “Hey! Whazzup?”

  16. Follow-up to those that do not know my Mom. She is a farm girl and has no illusions about survival. If we HAD to hunt she would have no problem, but her attitude is that as long as she has her own chickens and can buy red meat at a store she is fine for food. In the meantime, if any white man decides to shoot her critters without her explicit permission, then there is a real possibility of having long-pig in the oven.

  17. I know your Mom… she’s definitely got a way with the critters.

  18. Sounds like the Hubby’s mom as well re: critters — but hey, she’s Choctaw and Lenape, living on a mountain farm in upper Appalachia, so she comes by it honestly…


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