Considering Skype

Anybody used it?  Its international rate is 2.1c per minute.  At least, so some locations.

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  1. Some swear by it, when I tried it at home it was pretty rough. It all depends on your internet connection. If you’re sittin there with a Vios connection I think you’d be in pretty fair shape to make some very clear calls.

    There are the Skype phones which are nice and a number of companies make VOIP phones that can be connected either to your system or independantly operated. T-Mobile has a hot spot at home that gives you a phone that works both in wifi spots and standard cell reception… it’s supposedly seemless, walk right out the door and it switches from wifi to cell without a sound.

    Then there is Vontage which isn’t a bad option. $24 a month for unlimited local and long distance and free calls to france, Italy and the UK. Hungary seems to be at .07 a min…

    and finally, there is voip buster which shows to have free calls to Hungary. It’s a free download so you might as well give it a shot.*

    Free is a bit misleading.. you top up your account with 10 bps each120 days and you will use that to call the “unfree” countries or you can call the free ones all you want (hungary included) without eating into that amount, but after 120 days you’d have to ‘top up’ again. so, mostly kind of sort of free…. or $20 for 4 months of calls. Anywho you can try it out for ‘really free’ (to the free countries) for 60 minutes before having to make the decision.

    Clear as mud?

  2. I’ve used it quite a bit – mostly on conference calls where I don’t want to burn cell minutes (and spend a lot of time holding a cell phone to my head.)

    It works great. Quality is around the same as a cell phone. I buy 10 bucks at a time and it lasts me about 4 months of weekly 30-60 minute.

  3. happycrow

     /  August 13, 2007

    Sounds awesome. I’ve got relatives and buddies in Hungary I’d like to talk with…

  4. blackpine

     /  August 14, 2007

    I use it religiously. Saves a ton on phone bills and the quality is decent. If the person you are talking with has a dial up connection, you will have some calls of questionable quality. It’s best for computer to computer as the phone companies will have varying billing policies. A buddy wound up giving his gf a $900 phone bill as her company allowed international roaming, but also charged her for incoming calls, and he had prepaid for about a $100 on Skype in one month. In terms of scare factor, it’s the adult version of a jack in the box. The mobile company even has a guy dressed as a clown to deliver the phone bill:

    “Round and round the mulberry bush, we’re giving you your phone bill. What’s the damage for the month? Nine Hundred Dollars!”

    And adult that you are, you will cry and yell for mom.

  5. blackpine

     /  August 14, 2007

    btw, I’m cube9584


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