Sign the petition: restrict 7.62×39

If the bright boys can get together and put together a treaty banning land mines, then this is the next obvious step.  Strategy Page knocks this one right out of the park.  With millions of AK47s floating around out there, getting rid of the weapon isn’t practical.  But blocking the manufacture of the round would force the guys using these to keep the peaceful poor in Africa terrified to start developing an economy if they wanted to have some actual military power… in other words, to play by the rules, rather than sucking off the leftover teat of the Cold War in order to keep ruining their corners of the world.

But here’s the deal:  arms control sucks.  The good guys (including the tens of thousands of Americans who shoot and hunt with their SKS) need ammo, and aren’t doing a thing to hurt anybody else.

But a voluntary set of restrictions would make the ammo much more expensive, which would achieve much the same thing… raising the price to those least available to afford them, and least deserving of their own private armies.

So here’s my pledge:  “I will buy six cases of ammo from any manufacturer that will pledge both to drastically cut its production of 7.62×39, and to not export same.”

Sure, it’s a rough draft, but why not?  The great part with the land-mine treaty is that it may result in a lot fewer poor kids walking around with one leg and 3/4 of one of their arms… but the “armaments theory” of warfare is outdated bunk.  The guys producing the weapons are not the bad guys… asshats using the weapon to gun down defenseless civilians in the third world are the bad guys.

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  1. Mike

     /  August 13, 2007

    I read it the other day. I am fairly certain this is DOA issue. No one is really going to back this, even though it is actually a great idea. The big issue is that the touchy feely types that would rally around the land mine issue won’t go for this. The economics behind it are over their heads. They would probably morph this into something completely unworkable such as trying to ban the production of AK-47s and the like or other feel-good legislation. The land mine ban is pretty much a bust anyway.

    Well, maybe not. It has made it politically incorrect to use them and amazingly enough that has hurt the guys it should have. FARC has gotten lots of grief from its left wing friends over using landmines in Columbia to protect base camps and accidentially blowing up civilians. The military doesn’t use them, so they play it up big time.

    Maybe this could work. But we definately need to keep it focused. Let the arms control crowd get involved and it would go south quick.

  2. Yep. But you know, a hundred thousand people making that pledge would be pretty big market-share, even for some of the foreign manufacturers.

    Especially if the major military users do gradually shift to volunteer militaries, and, in the process, rediscover the existence of marksmanship.

  3. Mike

     /  August 14, 2007

    Feh, that won’t happen anytime soon. It will be at least a decade before that.


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