How was my flight?

Let me put it this way.

 Am I really angry at BA, angry enough to fire off a letter somewhere?  Nope.  What I really am, is sad, that an entire country has to put up with such an incredible joke of an airline.  Put aside the broken chair, lack of audio, and sadly-broken lamp.  Disregard that torture known as English Cooking.  This is an airline where the stewards expect the passengers to accept that water dripping from the ceiling during the flight is normal and to be expected.

British Airways sucks.

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  1. There sure seems to be a lot more problems with flying this last year. I’m flying to Rome on Lufthansa next month, and I sure am hoping for a better experience.

  2. Anna

     /  August 9, 2007

    Lufthansa should be OK. Cold and efficient but fair. The seats are OK even in coach, and the food is edible.

  3. Mike

     /  August 10, 2007

    Well, this is why I am now trying to always upgrade if possible. There is the old saw about getting what you pay for. Admittedly on BA you appatently don’t even get that, but I woul rather throw down some extra green and ensure a long and pleasant flight.

    And to ensure that I am never going to fly BA.

  4. No sheee-it. Actually, we normally also try to upgrade. Airlines make almost nothing on coach passengers, so obviously the levels of service aren’t going to be as good as business and first-class passengers where they make a profit. (Try getting good service from a waiter you refuse to tip)… but in the U.S., an upgrade like that is usually 100 bucks or so.

    On a transatlantic flight, otoh…

  5. convivialdingo

     /  August 10, 2007

    Eek – BA used to be a great airline! So did American. Really, most of the airlines stink, with a few exceptions. I’ve always heard good things about Lufthansa – still do.

    I’m flying about 4-6 times a year now and quality varies pretty wildly even within a single airline.

  6. Mike

     /  August 10, 2007

    My best airline experience was on THAI. I flew with them to Australia, Thailand and Hong Hong. Damn fine service, good food, comfortable seats (even in coach), and pleasant stewardesses. They were trying to get a bigger share of the tourist business from Japan and SK down to the resorts so they really went all out. A shame that can’t happen more here.


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