Pete Sessions and Earmarks

Anderson Cooper published a list of results when trying to peg Congresscritters on their earmarks.

It seems that Rep. Sessions’ message mailbox is still full. Sessions talked a good line going against Frost (who was redistricted to death) about keeping a clean budget. So I’m going to start calling every day after work to see how regularly these folks actually clean up their boxes. I’m not an optimist: my experience dealing with Sessions’ office in the past has suggested that he’s very much an old-school Republican. (Aka, his staff’s job is to distract the rubes while he swaps favors and enjoys making deals with the country clubbers). Sessions’ associate from Denton, is even worse — Technogypsy caught them not even bothering to open constituents’ emails for over a year, if I remember correctly — and that in an election cycle.

So I’m inaugurating the official Pete Sessions Full Mailbox Count. This is Day 1.

DAY 2: Called too early, got a staffer who promised to get back w/ me once he heard from the DC folks. Will call again later to see if they’ve cleared their mailbox.

DAY 2 (late): We get results!! Message box cleared.

His number, btw, is (972) 392-0505, if you’re also in TX-32. Call after hours, hit “16” to be connected to the voicebox.

The Republicans just got their asses kicked in ’06 for telling voters “where ya gonna go?” (“Out for pizza, chump.” Ya really think you’re going to survive the MyDD crowd if your base doesn’t turn out? Yeah, and can I have your office coasters when they replace you?) So let’s see if they’re smart enough to learn from their mistakes… and if you’re tired of your congresscritters acting like they really don’t have to care, call your congresscritter after hours… let’s see who’s smart enough to at least pretend they care what the rubes have to say. Having picked up 56% against Pryor last time around in a blatantly gerrymandered district (come on: in what universe are Richardson, University Park, Irving, and Cockrell Hill the same district?), I’m guessing he’s feeling pretty secure.

Now, back to earmarks: Sessions apparentl wrangled 1.3MM in other peoples’ money for the Dallas Fire Department, for an Urban Search and Rescue Task Force. Of course, there has never been a credible terrorist threat to DFW, since the Feds came in and busted the Hamas goons hanging out with the Holy Land Foundation in Richardson. (I worked on Main in Dallas, and had a reliable source feeding me data.) 1.3MM is chump-change, and basically plausible, but if he’s going to give press releases on his site, why not simply act like he’s proud of bringing Dallas that bacon?

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