Bam-Bam lives.

“Little Pebbles is his number one fan,

Tear your arm off if he shakes-a your hand!”

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  1. Heh! A toddler with ripped abs!

  2. This is caused by the rare condition known as “PESI,” or Premature & Excessive Steroid Injecting.

  3. happycrow

     /  June 7, 2007

    Not necessarily, Zathras: “Little Hercules” was almost certainly such a case. But this seems to be legit.

  4. alex

     /  June 8, 2007

    Ain’t genetics neat!?!
    Seriously this genetic condition looks very real and it is interesting that the child was very weak early on and had other genetic problems but then comes along with this change as he grows. Potentially within all of us genetically are the keys and codes for our bodies to do amazing things. Remember – children grow at cancerous rates, which until the right genes activate, will continue to stay “on”. Something in this persons makeup activated the muscle growth genes to be on all the time. I certainly hope they don’t do this anytime soon, but it would be very interesting to find out what type of muscle (fast twitch, slow twitch or both) this condition has turned on.

    However I also expect that for this change in his body that child will have some prices to pay later on besides just super-fast metabolism. Hopefully he will get a normal childhood like his parents want.

    This article was strangely timely as my son’s genetic allergies (from me, oh boy) had been flaring up so badly lately I was getting worried again that he was going to have another major asthma attack which made me wonder more about why such genetic defects come along they way they do. Then I find out today that he scored a 136 on his IQ test at school – maybe losses in physical health are compensated for genetically by other mental/nervous system genetic benefits.

  5. happycrow

     /  June 8, 2007

    These folks pop up, time to time. My buddy James might stop by for a spell and talk about his uncle… the guy who could pick up a tractor weight under each arm…

  6. Mike

     /  June 8, 2007

    Whooooooo-ha. I bet he didn’t have much problem with people trying to pick a fight with him…

  7. happycrow

     /  June 8, 2007

    I bet not!

  8. Actually that was my Uncle’s father. He had a strange unnatural strength. My Uncle once pointed out to me that for years the man who could lift the most weight in the world was a Canadian farmer than never had any training.

    This is way before they had things like steroids in pills.

    I actually witnessed my grand father picking up a tractor weight in one hand, then turn around and pick up another in the other hand. I remember watching the tractor lurch down with each weight as he put first one, and then the other. I have seen a picture of him laughing as he is standing there, a full grown adult sitting on his left arm and a full grown adult sitting on his right arm.

    Such a kind and gentle man I have never again met. He used to love to come up behind me and “swoop” me up into the air and set me on his massive shoulders. With one hand. He would “catch” me with the other.

    Two things that still make me laugh. He had a mean cow. She liked to step on you when you went to milk her. So one morning before the sun is up, this cow comes over and instead of milking she steps right on my foot. My grandfather says something that he later tells me not to repeat, walks over to this cow while I am still trying to escape, hauls back his massive fist and then plunges it into the side of this cow. I had never before heard a cow groan. This cow did that while she was doubling up and trying to get away. Later we milked this cow like she was the most gentle thing you ever saw.

    The other thing was that one day he was missing. Everybody looked everywhere and could not find him. They finally found him in a ditch where a tractor had rolled over and pinned him underneath the steering wheel of his old John Deer at the bottom of the ditch. He was nearly under the water. What he was doing, since he could not get free, is every few minutes, he would bench-press that tractor up in the air far enough that he could get a gulp of air. He did that for close to five hours before they finally got a Cat out there and lifted that damn tractor off of him.

    Still, I never in my life heard of him having to actually fight anyone. As i get older I begin to realize that maybe nobody in their right mind would think about it. My own father (Son-in-law) was VERY polite all the time.

    Hell, I guess so. But my Dad tells me the he and Glynn never had a really cross word, and he loved him as much as I do. That is believable. Glynn was a gentle giant, and someone I will never forget.

  9. Oh, I forgot. The reason the second story was funny to me was that later he told me that the people that make tractors should “try not to make them so damn heavy.”

  10. Thank you, Happycrow, for giving me a window to talk about one of my favorite people.

  11. Mike

     /  June 9, 2007

    Damn, cool stories.

  12. happycrow

     /  June 9, 2007

    @James: next best thing to being in person (speaking of which…)


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