How not to meet men?

They’re arguing over at Althouse again.  Here’s the link.  All those neurons, wasted on Typical New York MisAndrists.. they’re going nuts in the comments over wine-tasting.

Guys, Gals… forget the wine-tasting on its own merits.  (Though guys usually do that by purchasing a bottle and then discussing it over dinner… did that tonight, in fact.)

Look at the options for where these harpies are trying to meet men:  tennis.  wine-tasting.  SAILING.

What does this say?  Hrm…. what’s a ten-letter word, starting with “gold-digger?”
Yup.  I’m thinking there are plenty of guys taking classes in things they care about… and the men who are of a social class to engage in these other activities… are, because they learned to do them as teenagers, as part of the natural process of growing up rich.

Maybe Darwin’s doing us a favor if these people keep blaming men for being too stupid to fulfil their fantasies… all the way until it’s too late for these harpies to breed and pass on the meme to another couple generations…

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  1. Heh. It’s because of the disparity between women and men taking classes that I’ve advised a single friend of ours to take a graduate class in order to meet women. 🙂 I’ve also given the same advice to a complete and total stranger (a divorced man in his late forties) that I happened to meet in a Starbucks, of all places…

  2. blackpine

     /  May 20, 2007

    They’re Jersey steno girls with fatter wallets and slightly better hair.

    They have what they want: a chance to drink hootch and bust on dudes, but with the snob appeal of being in a class and not a fern bar. And instead of instead of a trip to Chippendales, I imagine they follow up with an art class where their rendering of the male model in his 20’s has an indistinct face and a veined phallus.

  3. Mike

     /  May 21, 2007

    Well, my parents are big into wine-tasting and they learned it by practice. I am not a wine fan, but go for the whiskeys, burbons and the occasional scotch and am learning my “tastes” by the hands on method.

    Why take a class and remove the fun?

    I can’t imagine my parents having to go to a class to learn this stuff, its seems so, er, fake? Or maybe presumptious? Something along those lines. Same goes for me.

    If you want to meet guys in a class, well it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what classes a “guy” would be doing. Something involving hand to hand combat, firearms, explosives (well, you would have to be in the military for that), paintball, sports, you get the idea.

    Yes, I know women take these classes too, so the women would are going to read this don’t need to jump on my case. But I am pointing out that these would be classes that would interest guys mostly, and the women that this article is talking about wouldn’t be anywhere near them.

  4. I knew a woman in S.F. who was taking sailing lessons for just that reason. She kept pissing off the rest of the crew with her “I’m better than you all” attitude and eventually was asked not to come back. In her case, she’d clawed together financial independence from real estate, and was looking for rich to settle down with before it was too late (mid 50’s aged woman).

    Very repulsive in real life.

  5. Mike, that’s sadly not true. Many social-climbing men (yuppies, mostly) take exactly the types of classes that Russ describes, because they didn’t learn these things when they were young and either have A) rich clients or B) small-dick syndrome. Or they just think “better” of themselves now (ick!). These guys really piss off Russ’s card-carrying Harpy Gold Diggers because they are clogging up the works attempting to get to the same social rung the Harpies are getting to (by effort, instead of by self-prostitution) and are generally “in the way”. This causes a lot of comments about not being able to meet “quality” men, aka targets of gold-digging who’ll give them their own “Pretty Woman” experience.

  6. Mike

     /  May 21, 2007

    I thought we were just talking about “real” men though? As in the kind that want to learn by experience or by trial and error?

    You know, in a way this is an arguement for getting married young. If you have a wife that marries you (or the other way around) when you are working your way up the ladder, that tends to be a bit more stable. You may not have been “quality” then, but having someone who stuck by you and saw you become “quality” seems to be a better thing all the way around. Versus the harpy who wants to skip the “work-in-progress” and get the final, finished product.


  7. Alex

     /  May 21, 2007

    You may not have been “quality” then, but having someone who stuck by you and saw you become “quality” seems to be a better thing all the way around.

    You sayin’ I wasn’t quality back then Mike? 🙂

    Seriously, since I got married at 21 and will be celebrating a 13th wedding anniversary this month, there is some truth to your comment. However, marriage at any age takes work and commitment. Those not willing to put forth effort into a marriage will not find happiness at either very young age or very old age.

    Ultimately I see those who go to these classes as finding those with like-minded interests. Some people go to just pick up a perceived “finished product”, and others go because they want that lifestyle and choices.

  8. Mike

     /  May 21, 2007

    What, you are “quality” now?


  9. happycrow

     /  May 21, 2007

    But yes, that’s the issue… a lot of these guys would MEET the harpies’ fiscal standards, if said harpies were willing to wait a while and actually be the guy’s better half in life.

    Since they’re not, said guys get to escape…

  10. Mike

     /  May 21, 2007

    Luckily for them.

  11. Alex

     /  May 21, 2007

    No I ain’t quality now and I ain’t likely to ever be.

    But to rebuttal in a fully appropriate manner, Mike:

    Deez nutz – in yo mouf!

    : )

  12. Mike

     /  May 21, 2007

    Well, THAT is a quality answer.

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  14. OP- hilarious.
    That is quite sad really. In this day and age you would think those women might feel the slightest urge to live their own lives and look for a real relationship.


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