dscn3876.jpgOr, things that squeak in the night.

And after all, if the Ravenous Bugblatter Mouse of Traal can’t see you…


I figured it was okay to spare the little sucker, as she was clearly unhappy with being stalked by the BooBoo, and

BooBoo was equally unlikely to actually catch the poor thing without at least a half-hour’s worth of terrified little “peep!” echoing down the hallway… which is what led me to discover it in the first place. At first I thought “oh, another baby possum.”


Oh, look, it’s dark and probably safe in there…

Not quite as cute, but still a runner up in the estrogen olympics. And still, it was an awfully well-behaved little mouse.


Who is currently out in the trumpet vine, possibly to live out the entire week on its wits and its merits. So, squeaky mystery solved, it’s back to bed for Bonzo. Early alarm, here I come.


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  1. Anna

     /  May 11, 2007

    See, I leave you alone for a couple of days, and what does the cat drag in?

  2. Mike

     /  May 11, 2007

    So why didn’t you let Boo Boo have his fun? You could have done we used to do and put the mouse and the cat in the bathtub and let them Thunderdome (2 pets enter, 1 pet leaves!).

  3. Alex

     /  May 11, 2007

    And it would have been a sad day for aulerophiles everywhere if the rodent had won.
    My mighty rodent of lore, Spartacus (aka Shai-Hulud) would have won!

  4. aww..poor things (mouse for dealing with Booboo, and Booboo for having her toy taken away.) Good for you for sparing the little one and providing a new home.

  5. Coffeespaz, I’m afraid I’m a “this is nature” kind of guy. When I lived in your town, I used to sit on my front porch eating chocolate-chip cookies while my cat Figgis came up and ate his “mouse cookies.”

    To answer your question, Mike, I simply had to sleep, and BooBoo’s hunting skills were achieving nothing except an occasional terrified squeak as he batted at her tail. It’s surprising how loud a voice something can have when it’s no longer than your thumb.

  6. Mike

     /  May 11, 2007

    True. I guess Thunderdome is more entertaining when you are not in need of sleep and can enjoy the sounds of nature taking its course.

    The only cat I have even seen that just kills straight off and doesn’t play with its food is Floyd. He goes right for the “Fatality” move and victory meal (minus tail, he leaves that as proof he is Master Hunter).

  7. Mmm…I am sure Figgis had plenty of options in that neighborhood too.

    Totally with you on the nature thing, but still…. 🙂

  8. I never minded when the cats would kill and eat something outside. Cleaning up the mess IN the house can be a pain in the ass, esp. after the dogs find it and roll all in it during the night.

    When the two outside cats were catnapped, or UFO’s came by and got them, or whatever that was about, I can say that it has been sorta nice to have birds in the backyard again. That, and my lawn isn’t littered with feathers on a regular basis. There was one spring when I could walk out into the yard and not touch the grass for the blanket of feathers there.

    Speaking of nature things, Russ, did I remember to tell you that my Dad’s place has black bears running around again? Since the bears are back, Dad has noticed a drop in the numbers of wild dogs and coyotes tearing the hell out of the place. I suspect that the bears are not necessarily eating them, but it has put the fear of God back into the dogs.

  9. Alex

     /  May 11, 2007

    Ah, the joys of a “working” cat.
    In South Carolina, where palmetto bugs get as big as mice, our cat would get them during the night but only partly devour them. Finding a leg here and there and half a carcass to clean up in the morning was always a nice “present”, but was a bit of a shock when one hadn’t had coffee yet and you discovered it by stepping on it with a bare foot.
    Now my cat is old and just sleeps all the time, or as we like to say, she’s “retirarded” to which she rightfully takes offense, but then curls back up and purrs when we pet her back to sleep.

  10. Cats that know about food in any form other than kibble are handy. Black bear? Well, it’s not like they don’t know how to handle themselves, but yeah, a feral cocker spaniel just doesn’t stand a chance… bear can outrun it as well as outmaul it…

  11. Mike

     /  May 12, 2007

    Mountain Lions/Cougars and Bobcats work very well in the “Wild Dogs are no longer around” department. Of course, they can also be hard on the humans. We have birds around our yard, but they don’t spend time on the ground as it can be hazardous (not from Floyd, he doesn’t “do” birds much, but the foxes that hang around certainly do). I have discovered that once you put out some easy prey you can get all sorts of critters hanging around. Foxes, bobcats, hawks, owls, coyotes and the like all occasionally stop by our farmstead ever since the notorious “Guiena Hens” episode, or as it it better known, the “Come and Get It” method of attracting wildlife that you didn’t think existed around your farm anymore.

    Needless to say, we don’t “do” fowl anymore (it technically wasn’t us but a family who had rented the place, but the principle was the same, easy prey attracts predators).

  12. Your a much better person than I, because I would have freaked and had a trap set so fast. However, looking at your pictures, the little fellow is so cute. I need to remember that all animals are living creatures, not out to bite and attack me. Glad you handled it the way you did. Hope it turned out well for you.

  13. Eilee, are you afraid of mice?

  14. Mike

     /  May 20, 2007

    Sheesh, I remember in Iraq we had a rat that jumped up on one of our footlockers and made off with a bag of Doritos while we were playing cards on the same footlocker.


    We were loading our rifles. That little bastard was braver than BunBun. We think it was the same guy who crawled into our S2 sleeping bag while he was asleep in it and woke him up while he was burrowing in for the night.


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