Eat your blueberries.

Eat your grapes, too.

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  1. Saw this earlier today. Grapes and blueberries, but what about blackberries and strawberries (since those are the two that are growing in my front and back yards), I wonder…

    Anyways — red and blue fruits rock! Which reminds me — I actually saw resveratrol in PILL FORM at a local drugstore last week. Yay!

  2. Don’t bother with resveratrol in pill form for the moment; the amounts & isolations that you need for clinical benefit would have you taking 100 pills/day. Clinically SIGNIFICANT resveratrol doses are several years from FDA approval.

  3. Alex

     /  March 27, 2007

    Plus the fact that some of these compounds are more effective when mixed with other natural compounds that come with the fruit or vegetable. Calcium in milk is better absorbed due to the proteins that surround it than just calcium in pill form. Many vitamins fall into the same category – they work better when mixed with their natural source rather than condensed into pure form.

  4. :gasp:

    You mean, humans are optimized for getting the most out of… food?


  5. Alex

     /  March 28, 2007

    Yes – a big “duh” moment isn’t it? Or at least we get the most out of food that our bodies were designed for.

    There really is something to getting foods from more naturalized sources than industrializing the hell out of it for mass production. You may feed more people that way but you sacrifice nutrition. There are some things we just weren’t meant to eat but dammit – we’ll try anyway!

  6. happycrow

     /  March 28, 2007

    When the alternative is starvation… we’re ridiculously wasteful in that respect, though. There’s a lot of land that could be growing something other than grass, and feeding people, to boot…

  7. Alex

     /  March 28, 2007

    Very true on all comments. Certainly “wonder bread” is better than no bread at all.

    I hate mowing the grass, plus I’m frugal, so I grow a fair bit of vegetables every year for my own use to cut down on our grocery bill. Maybe we need more home owners to start growing “victory gardens”, or better yet, corn and sugar cane for ethanol/fuel.

  8. happycrow

     /  March 28, 2007

    I’m going to shift to a low-height garden in front to supplement the roses. It’s going to be a little bit until it’s all finally in shape, but once it’s done it should be verra nice…


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