No, not carpentry, and not Beltway politics.

The frame I made isn’t big enough for the little beefer I pulled out of the freezer that’d been soaking in my tanning agent.

And that means I can’t even think of fleshing the moosehide yet… not until I’ve built a couple of SERIOUSLY large wooden frames from 2×4’s… big enough that they’re going to have to attach semi-permanently to the back fence or something… am going to experiment with “loose softening” per the “Hungary tan…” but it’s still a serious issue, and the one remaining issue keeping me from having a side business ready to fly.  (Well, that, and I really do need large blocs of time that can be devoted solely to the work.)

Once that’s done, day-care issues can become a secondary feature, as the times when I’m not so heavy adjuncting, I’ll be able to be near the house for munchkins while earning some bread in the process.  And, that’s a nice thought.

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  1. Zathras

     /  March 12, 2007

    This is completely unrelated, but did you see this opinion which came out last week? If you had, I’m sure you would have commented on it.

    In short, it held the 2nd Amendment invalidates D.C.’s handgun ban.

  2. “fleshing the moosehide”

    I know it isn’t but that sounds like a euphemism for something really, really, really dirty.

    p.s. What’s this munchkin talk, did I miss something (been way out of the loop)?!

  3. No, Kiki, in this case, it’s meant literally…

    Zathras, I didn’t comment on it, b/c it seemed such a no-brainer. If a legislature, etc., uses regulation is used in order to fulfill a goal that is explicitly barred to it by direct legislation, then there’s a problem.

    Now, as a libertarian, the whole notion “collective rights” is an oxymoron, anyway, but that’s one where somebody could legitimately quibble…

  4. I can tell you that in the legal committee the opinion is extremely controversial and is hardly considered the “no-brainer” that you do. Here is one example of a scholar outraged by the opinion, as well as one who is more sympathetic to the result if not the reasoning:

  5. that’s “community,” not “committee”

  6. Mike

     /  March 13, 2007

    Where did you get a Moosehide? I didn’t think Texas was exactly their ranging area.

  7. @Mike: The power of UPS?

    @Zathras: I’m not surprised at all, since my position is a philosophical one, and theirs legal… I’m perfectly happy drawing a straight line to the case from Locke, but that’s not how lawyers work…

  8. Kiki: Oh, and the munchkins — Russ is talking hypothetically.

  9. Mike

     /  March 13, 2007

    Oooooooooohhhhhhhh. Got it.

  10. happycrow

     /  March 14, 2007

    But remember, Moose can be stabled!! You *could* have had the US 1st Moose Cavalry, but for an accident of history…

  11. Thanks LZ

    Moose Cavalry? How about buffalo cavalry. Yikes!


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