I’m not supposed to like Gov. Rick Perry

And the whining leftists will bleat, but everybody agrees that wiping out polio was a no-brainer, even if the guys making the vaccine made a killing.

Well, they made a killing.  Good for them.   Ever seen a polio victim?  No?  Guess why?   I have, by the way, and the damage is truly appalling.

So, on the cervical cancer/papilloma virus issue, for Governor Perry to step out and say “this is going to be mandatory” gets a lot of respect from me.  Since the leftists will crucify him on “the Merck angle,” and the dipshits on the other side of the aisle who can’t tell the difference between public medicine and bad parenting are losing their minds over how this will “promote promiscuity.”

I’m not supposed to like Perry.  He’s the voice of the machine here in Texas.  But he’s right.

You know what?  I’ve had more than one sex partner.  I could be carrying the papilloma virus right now… and since I’m male, I’ll never know without some kind of test.  So why wouldn’t I want to know that I’m not accidentally getting ready to kill my wife tonight in bed?

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  1. Granted but if it’s that important what stopped you from getting the test in the past?

  2. Good question, friend.

    My wife is healthy, and gets regular checkups, including the plumbing.

    So, effectively, the answer there is monogamy — if I were a swinger or something like that, you betcha I’d be getting tested pretty darned regularly.

  3. NICE blog, by the way. I’d love to be able to break mine open to that extent, but don’t think I’m quite up to doing my own server and learning CSS yet…

  4. You guys need to read up more on HPV.

    “and since I’m male, I’ll never know without some kind of test.”

    There are over 100 strains of the Human Papilloma Virus. Around 6 of them are sexually transmitted, 4 of which have been linked to both cervical and rectal cancer. However, *30* of the strains of HPV (including those 6 above) cause genital warts in both males and females. While these are generally harmless in males (aside from the indication that you may be carrying a virus that can kill your spouse), they are more dangerous in women since they tend to be on the inside and thus go largely unnoticed except during an OB-GYN visit.

    “Granted but if it’s that important what stopped you from getting the test in the past?”

    Crow’s answer is wrong. The reason he hasn’t gotten a test for HPV is because there IS NO TEST FOR HPV IN MALES. Scientists are working furiously on such a test, but it only exists in extremely limited trials. They are also working on a modified version of the vaccine for males. Once they get that, we can effectively wipe out HPV like we did polio, something that will give us back 10s of 1000s of women every year.

    I’m with Perry for the most part on this, however, I would like to see a much larger study done first. The studies to date have been big enough to show real correlation, however, there are still questions, such as the efficacy for women over 25 and the long-term effects of the vaccine.

    On a side note, FUCK ALL THE LEFTISTS who whine about pharmaceutical companies making money by working to KEEP US ALL ALIVE. The arrogance of these people is unfathomable.. They seem to think that all of these researchers should just work and work and work to find all these cures then just turn around and say “Here you go humanity! Enjoy!”.

    Of course, that’s an oversimplification because we know what they REALLY want is for strict price caps to be put on the cost of those products, which ‘the government’ will then pay for.

  5. Judging by your response, in fact, I need to read a LOT more about HPV.

  6. Convivialdingo

     /  February 3, 2007

    I’m not with Perry on this – and mostly because I don’t believe in using Texas as *the* large, long term testbed.

    This vaccine was approved less than 6 months ago. What if we steralize 10 million kids accidentally? What if we accidentally give our kids the disease? I’ve been through the medical wagon – and answers like “statistical abboration,” “we don’t know,” and “it’s possible” are not good enough.

    The real answer is will it save more than it kills – and at this point in time, I don’t think we have a complete answer.

  7. Good objections.

    Parents having the ability to opt out makes me happier about this in general. In terms of “not good enough…” I’ve been there, too, but certainty is a scarce commodity.

    It’s a balancing act: peril of side effects vs. peril of disease. I fall on the other side of the line, but I can certainly respect somebody doing the math and coming up on the opposite side of the issue.

  8. Convivialdingo

     /  February 5, 2007

    Yeah… we’ve opted out of the Chicken pox before. Again, similar objections. Though if they don’t get chicken pox by the time they’re 18 I’m going to go ahead and get the vaccination – because the risk goes up higher at that point.

    It was the first time anyone had opted out at our school though – so as you can see public policy usually works. The process isn’t difficult, just a form mailed to the state.

  9. Chicken Pox as an adult is a scary thing.. Had a friend of a friend (I think that’s right) that got it and had to be hospitalized briefly as it tore through his body..

  10. happycrow

     /  February 5, 2007

    The other side of that, too, is that chickenpox isn’t really a good comparison: if you opt out of chickenpox, some parent may be irritated at you for letting your kids potentially be carriers.

    This is a lot more like polio: a kid’s fairly unlikely to be a carrier. Though, from what I’m hearing, by 11th grade, that’s really going to be culture-dependent.

  11. What is more scary is that doctors are finding out now that some strains of HPV *CAN* be transmitted through innocent behavior, such as the old cliches of toilet seats and water fountains..


  12. Anna

     /  February 5, 2007

    Yep, boys and girls, viruses (virii?) DO mutate…That’s scary, ‘Biff…


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