Work during office hours?

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that I get *diddly* done during office hours at the adjunct centers… too many interruptions and distractions…


This just in: Baby Boomers Irresponsible

You’d think by now folks would be starting to catch a clue that if you have to retire within ten years, that you might start socking it away.

Nope.  So, the rest of us had better keep saving, because the chance of these guys allowing any meaningful reform of Social Security to pass while they’re still able to threaten the politcos is as rare as a North Korean fighter ace.

2008: Clash of the Moderates?

Instapundit, Althouse, and not a few conservatives are leaning Giuliani.

Which means ’08 will get interesting fast, b/c in terms of the traditional (retarded) left-vs-right definitions, Giuliani is a moderate, with known ability as an executive, and known courage (he took on the mob, and won, when nobody else dared to try).  He’s not real pro-gun, and he’s not real pro-life, but he’s willing to not push the issues.  As opposed to McCain, who is definitely anti-1st Amendment…

We’ve had a near-royalist politics lately, Bush, Clinton, Bush, (Clinton?).  Obama is charismatic, but politically a very traditional liberal:  he’s going to win the folks who judge based on emotional appeal, but if it comes down to hard points, he’s going to have a hard time reaching into the moderates while simultaneously. 

Clinton is whatever’s good for Clinton:  near-communist when that’s what her party wants, a ruthless triangulator otherwise.

So you have a lady who will use or abandon any position as needed, and another guy who’s going to disenchant social conservatives.  That sounds like a “battle of the moderates” once the dust from the primaries settle.

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