The Recruiters Strike Back!

Heard back from them, and told the guys “you said you wouldn’t take me due to age purposes.”

“What was it you wanted to do?”

“Languages or Counter-Intel. I can deploy as often as I’m needed, but I cannot relocate.”

“Wait… we have MI bases in Dallas….”

He’s calling me back tomorrow afternoon.  Still pushing the enlisted track harder than the officer, for obvious reasons, while describing the need for officers that got me looking in the first place.

Talk about yo-yo’s… when it rains, it pours.  Here I am, fresh in my new career, and ready to supplement it with service (and this actually was the plan discussed by myself and the Bunnywife back when this whole search began).  So now I’m hearing back from Uncle Sam?



“Get your shit organized.”

It’s bad news when you’re pestering your wife for which chores you’d like help with that day, and that’s what you hear.

So, thanks in part to the good thinking of the Lizard Queen, we have picked up some wicker furniture (easy to move and rearrange with tons of throws and pillows, good for hot weather), and moved the bookshelves and step-tonsu to a different location.  And, in that process, it even looks like my little corner office is going to become vaguely functional in the process.

Now, if only I can get my back to heal up from Hungary…

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