Random job-related thoughts.

UTA doesn’t have the course I need this spring.  Or, rather, they have a course I absolutely should take, but one of the classes I’m teaching ends fifteen minutes beforehand, a full hour away.

No wonder one of my friends wants to make a documentary of my life, entitled


Otherwise, I’m sitting in Tarrant County SouthEast’s adjunct faculty area, which is as nice as MountainView’s is, well, not nice.  It looks like one of the sections (this is edu-speak for “classes,” and exists as jargon for good reason, I’m sorry to say) I was going to be doing isn’t going to make, and so far, the Friday 7-10pm class isn’t “making” either (insert applause, what a horrible time to hold a class…), so I’ll be teaching six, rather than seven, classes.

Anyway, I’m waiting for the Departmental Secretary to show up so I can grab a book and run to MountainView.  In business, they give lip-service to secretarys and admins, and having been one in business and in academia, I can say full-out that I now appreciate the helplessness of being faculty, waiting on my alter-ego to arrive and save me…

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  1. Well, they don’t call it the adjunct-mill for nothing. The question is, will you be able to parlay it into a more sane single-facility gig eventually?

  2. Zathras

     /  January 5, 2007

    I’ve taught at several community colleges, and the adjunct faculty area at TCC Southeast is hands down the nicest, most useful one I’ve used.

    What is the course you should take?

  3. happycrow

     /  January 5, 2007

    Eventually, yes. I need to pick up some more US History on the grad level, so that when cert. standards eventually change (in a STUPID way) I’ll be protected.

    (TCC SE is actually even nicer than it was. Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but they whacked out the two smaller offices and joined them. It’s actually nicer than the “real” faculty breakroom.)

  4. I’ve been to the MVC adjunct faculty workroom to meet up with some of the evening folks. It’s clearly a last-minute resource allocation: a copier, four workstations and a couple folding tables. Just shameful. One of my projects this term is to stay connected with adjunct faculty in the Social Sciences so that we can truthfully say that we are one college, not two. I’ve talked with Michael about this and he completely agrees that it needs to be done.
    What makes it a little more challenging is the way office space is distributed across the campus. The Division office is on the east side bottom floor, most Social Science faculty offices are on the far west side, my office is west side second floor, and the adjunct faculty workroom is on the west side bottom floor. Means a lot of running all over campus for me…


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