There’s a secret in the desert.

Man hath no greater love than this…


Rumsfeld article in RCP

Real Clear Politics links to an article on Rumsfeld that should be required reading.  Mainly because I agree with it.  I know it took a bit to convince Eason that Rumsfeld’s ‘da man,’ but I’ve always liked the guy. Then again, I like John Brown, too…

(Since I’m home trying to take the edge off something I picked up from a student, I had plenty of time.  What is it, five years you need before you develop the Battle of the Chesapeake-quality immune system?  Fair warning, it’s lengthier than your typical blog post.)

Getting serious about the Moon and Mars

Okay, so we want to go to the Moon.  And there’s serious evidence of water on Mars.

So why aren’t we going?  There’s certainly no shortage of Americans yearning for a new frontier, and perfectly willing to train up on waldos and whatever else would be involved in creating a new set of colonies.  We’re even reasonably sure what that sort of work would entail.

But NASA’s plans aren’t serious.  The Moon in twenty years?  Based on the gradual refurbishment of 1960s technology?  So that five people can stay there for half a year, doing who knows what?  Lift, now that the ABM Treaty is done and gone for: if the US were serious about getting into space, it would pioneer and Orion drive and be done with it by putting the equivalent of the USS Enterprise into orbit with every launch, with sufficient tonnage both to carry water shielding against radiation and to possess rotating decks for spin gravity.

Believe it or not, this ain’t science fiction any more.  So why isn’t it being done? It’s not like we can’t contain the radiation effects at the launch site — they had that figured out in the 1970s.  So what’s the deal?

When our enemies have fallen…

such as the Ayatollah Khameinei… do we invite them to RIP (rest in peace), or RIH (rot in hell)?

The symptoms being described sound a lot like congestive heart failure, which on top of cancer, doesn’t bode well for his long-term investment returns.  And yet, as much as Iran’s mullahcracy has inflicted evil after evil upon the world for the past thirty years (and don’t get me wrong, the US had to do some evil mean shitty things to win the cold war: folks forget that international Sunni terrorism/guerillas was our weapon against Godless Communism in Afghanistan)…

I find myself with no feelings of animosity at all, merely a desire that all of these schmucks get off the stage so that the Iranian people can return to their true historical greatness.  And that’s odd, because I’m not exactly known as the most charitable of my friends… what I saw done by the Communists in East-Central Europe would have inspired me to a revolution, but I can guarantee you that there wouldn’t have been a “Velvet” thing about it.

So what, I wonder, makes the difference?  It’s not the depravity: the mullahcracy is every bit as bad as the Soviets were, and form the same sort of brutal kleptocracy that characterizes Putin’s Russia today… with the possible exception being that the Russians may generally hate Jews, but they don’t send strike teams all the way to South America simply because they have a chance to whack a few who have their guard down.

What gives, I wonder?

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