Barack Obama in 2008?

They say he’s “well-spoken.”  They say he can beat the Clintons at their own game.

He’s a principled liberal who is openly skeptical of the free market’s ability to deliver on its promises, and outside of Sen. Clinton, he is clearly the Republicans’ greatest national opponent.

Because he’s, well, well-spoken.

Which isn’t, contrary to some flakes, a racist assessment on African-American speakers.  It’s that he’s a nationally-known Democrat that an unaffiliated moderate can listen to without cringing, and whom a libertarian or conservative can listen to while thinking “I disagree with this guy, but I respect him.”

Compare that to the rest of the Democratic field for 2008.  Why shouldn’t he run?

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  1. Anna

     /  October 25, 2006

    Because he’s two years’ old politically. And Oprah’s endorsement hardly counts (although my lunchroom buddioes disagree with me on that one furiously…)

  2. Yeah, but he could get HUGE support from the “oh please not Hillary” dems, who’re in despair that Hillary’ll get the nod becuase of the fundraising connections and thus guarantee that the Repubs get the white-house. And hell, I don’t agree with him, but I’d have voted for him over Bush, which is my litmus test for the Dems — will they run someone who at least isn’t loathe-worthy?

    And sometimes being a neophyte has advantages: among other things, he can play the “outsider” card. Given the corruption scandals plaguing D.C. right now that could be a good thing.

  3. Anna

     /  October 25, 2006

    I dunno, Jim, I want my guns, and Obama’s voting record ain’t exacly friendly to my liberties…

  4. I don’t see gun rights being in danger now that Brady is expired, but I could be wrong about that. I see more danger to gun rights coming at the state & local levels than the federal level.

    One thing I liked, though: “It’s not ‘faith’ if you are absolutely certain,” Obama said, noting that he didn’t believe his lack of “faith” would hurt him a national election. “Evolution is more grounded in my experience than angels.”

  5. There’s no question: the man is solidly a Democrat.
    BUT, he’s not a walking embarrassment, or a known harrigan. That means he could simply stroll away with the nomination. Know any top Republican figures you’re fired up about? Giuliani probably getting the nod solely b/c he’s the only stress-tested candidate who’s NOT John “I’m a fascist in disguise” McCain?

  6. Um, sadly I think I’d rather elect Koz than most republicans I can think of!

    (Note to any Koz-appreciators — I’m not one.)

  7. eowyn

     /  October 26, 2006

    I agree with Anna. Yes, he seems to have a conscience and some integrity, but he’s a rookie and he’s something like twelve years old. There’s no way the Dems will hand him the nomination.
    Which is a shame, because I would vote for him, even though I’m not crazy about the Democratic platform, and not just because I’m a “please, anyone but Hillary” leftist with no party and no candidate to feel good about.
    “Nice guy who will do his best even if we don’t agree on some things” ranks a hell of a lot higher with me than “says the things I want to hear but would make a weak, bumbling, ineffectual leader” or “he’s electable, but he’s a slimeball”

  8. Zathras

     /  October 27, 2006

    Obama might be the best thing going for the Democrats in 2008. None of the other candidates are really that electable, except maybe Edwards. Clinton on the ticket would motivate the GOP base like nothing ever seen before.

    Further down the road, the Democratic name to watch out for in the next decade is Eliot Spitzer. He’s about to be elected governor of NY and will be a formidable candidate down the road.

  9. Spitzer is definitely a guy to watch, no question.


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