Soldier Tech Bonanza

Get this into the field.

And while we’re at it, I want a vial of the stuff over my kitchen sink.

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  1. Yeah, I read about that yesterday — really good news if it’s safe in humans.

  2. Mike

     /  October 11, 2006

    Actually we have something like this already. Israeli Bandages. Invented by the minds of the IDF. They have a clotting agent that works about that fast (made from a type of seashell of all things) soaked into the bandage and the medics will drive across Iraq to get them if they run out (we are supposed to get one for every soldier over there, hasn’t happened yet).

  3. I’d heard they were good… I hadn’t realized they were that fast.

  4. I’ve never seen the seashell thingys personally, but they’re supposed to be AMAZING. But they’re rather bandage-shaped, whereas the gel can go anywhere it flows, which could be important for fine-grained work.

  5. Mike

     /  October 13, 2006

    This is true, but the beauty of the bandage is it is very simple in application. Just slap over wound. Gel can be simple to, but I would rather have a medic work it (doing a quick seal on a wound might do more harm than good if you miss some internal problems, but then again that is still better than nothing). Either way, this stuff IS really awesome and proof that the military can actually produce useful things (aside from minor things like security, stability and peace).

  6. Mike

     /  October 13, 2006

    Forgot one other thing. Gel can leak, bandages don’t and tend to keep for much longer shelf life (I have a bandage from ROTC that techinally is still good to use).

  7. I’ll take all of it. Every bit of lifesaving tech i can get. Because I too will get old and may get wounded/ill again..

  8. Mike

     /  October 15, 2006

    Too true. Medical stuff is always good to have around. Better to have and not need than the other way around. My sister is even getting into the “Hey, better to be prepared” thing, she is taking a First Aid class (Red Cross) and recertifying in CPR so if the Big One hits SF she can be a help and not a burden. She even got into the special little toys that can really help out like the hand-cranked radio, good first aid kit, some emergency food and water and so on. Medical stuff like this works great for people with zero experience. But it works much better if you actually know something so can use the item to its full potential. Much better to be someone who can help than some jackoff who just stands there looking stupid taking pictures with a cellphone.

    Now if I could only get my sister to understand that a gun is useful too.


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