Retiring Baby Boomers to Strain US

To strain us?  Because they’re retiring?

I don’t know how you’d describe the baby boomers, but “retiring” is the last word I’d use…

So let me get this straight.  The most self-interested generation in American history,

  • anti-military and pro-peace, unless you count abusing the poor working-class schmucks who couldn’t get draft deferments
  • pro-government regulation, so long as it’s not their pot being regulated
  • pro-hippie anti-capitalism until they’re out of school and stand to make a buck, thus metamorphosing out of their flower-power chrysales into yuppie scum…

is going to allow any reform of the entitlement programs, now that they’re the ones set to receive benefits?

Say what you like about generational conflicts and baby boomers.  After all, they invented it.  But the folks like me coming right after these guys have known for years that

  1. the government entitlement programs are an unsustainable Ponzi scheme
  2. the generational bulge of the boomers will result in horrific debts that the Boomers will simply ignore.

This is supposed to be a news flash?  I remember discussing this when I was twelve.  We were warning each other about this back when we were teenagers sitting in our driveways:  that we’d better bust ass and save money, because there wasn’t going to be anything coming out of government programs to help us.  I don’t know a single person in my generation who actually thinks  that Social Security will be anything other than a tax they pay their entire lives, and from which they will never receive any benefit… and the only people in my generation I can think of who think of retirement being an option at all are folks who are saving 50% or more of their post-tax income while working massive hours in order to save enough that they no longer have to work.

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    What really incenses me is that their generation is SO self-absorbed you can’t even talk to its more reasonable members; they get all in a huff about “Well, *I* am not like that”.. As if it fucking matters since the ones who “aren’t like that” didn’t do a damn thing to stop any of it and still aren’t, voting on gay marriage or abortion rights as their litmus issue while their compatriots rob our generation to oblivion.

    But then they have the nerve to say “well your generation just needs to get involved in the system”.. The system that they have so hopelessly mangled as to be impossible for us to affect UNTIL THEY FUCKING DIE. Meanwhile, as they’re fucking over our ‘social program’ future, they are also blowing all their cash in a ‘me me me I deserve everything I want to retire in whatever style I want’ fashion.. See Also: Ameriprise retirement commercials (GRRRRRR!!!).

    They call us naive.. ignorant that “it’s all cyclical”.. Funny thing; talk to virtually any baby boomers parents and they agree with US about their own children.

  2. Mike

     /  October 4, 2006

    I will add “talk to any true boomer older brother or sister” and they will agree (I am talking about the just prior to and during WWII, not right afterwards. For some reason, the people who got out of college before 1964 seem fine for some reason. Maybe it was actually remembering rationing during the war, or maybe it was having to actually be scared of Polio, or even having suffered it (like my dad for one), or maybe just being closer to the Greatest Generation rubbed off on them and the great American Dream was real and not something to run down by some middle-class socialist brats (from a suburban family that never really had to work, and you tell that you have to get back to the struggling masses, whoever they are…, ur sorry got some Oinogo Boingo on the brain). Get involved in the system? This coming from the same crowd that said the only vote that counts is a vote against the system? Freaken worthless, every damn one. You know, the more I get to know my aunt and uncle (both Boomers to end all boomers), the more I actually want nothing to do with them. Which is sad, my family has always been close. But it has gotten to the point where my dad sometimes cannot talk to my uncle or vice versa because they have gotten so mad at each other. Hell, I can’t talk to my aunt (in-law, long story), she gets mad at me when I actually argue back. Not that I am right or wrong, just that I DARE to argue with HER, a member of the boomer generation, who suffered throught Nixon and Vietnam, and pot being illegal, and disco (er, that came later I guess). And her arguements are nothing but whining and “its the corporations” or the GOP or the rich (the irony of her making a 6 figure salary is completely lost on her). Yeah, get involved in the system they mucked up so they can continue to **&^% us over, I’ll get right on that after I join the Socialist party and put a “Invade Iraq, NO” bumper sticker on my car.

    Worst Generation? You are being FAR to kind. Worst doesn’t come nearly close enough.

  3. Mike

     /  October 4, 2006

    Oh yeah, those Ameriprise Commericals are a true piece of work. It think that was the closest I came to actually throwing a TV out the window (excepting Nebraska football when we loose). Whoever thought that up (probably a boomer) needs to be shot right away.

  4. Actually, that Bernanke is saying that is good news. You knwo the thing, though: most of the folks that I know if they were older wouldn’t cut their own incomes to help either ( I’m referring to our general age-peers ).

  5. I dunno, Jim. I know plenty who shrieked bloody murder at the new entitlement programs…

  6. sure, but we aren’t the beneficiaries, yet….

  7. And in forty years, we won’t be, either…
    I’d like to think we have the moral sense not to feed off our children like vampires, but when politics and vote-buying is involved, I know too much history.

  8. Mike

     /  October 5, 2006

    Yeah, isn’t that the sad truth?

  9. Mike

     /  October 5, 2006

    About the historic precendent, I mean. To add to number 4 above, given how badly this has been worked over and screwed up who would trust the government enough to actually believe that if we cut our incomes it would actually fix something vs. just get plundered for some pork and get an IOU for our trouble? I am all for the government helping on certain things, but my retirement? Oh hell no.


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