Glenn Reynolds is “White and Nerdy”

First, you log in to the video.

Then you realize:  “Wow, Weird Al dressed up like Glenn!!”

(This post disappeared for some odd reason earlier.  The whole site was twitchy this morning with the new editor change.On the off chance WP is pulling this due to the YouTube link, please drop a note in the comments so that I’m advised.  )

Turkey orders to Black Sea S2006

Moscow’s afraid of a resurgent Turkey.

And well they should be.  Unlike the assholes running the Kremlin, Turkey actually has a functional economy and government supporting its goals…

The moment we finalize all these projects, the total look of the area will be radically changed. — Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan

You’re darned tooting it will.  And it could hardly be worse than having the area dominated by “Zaire with permafrost.”


By the way, I have been meaning to wish you good luck in your endeavors.


Yeah, buddy, I’m sure I can find a red swingline stapler somewhere…

In my endeavors.

Yeah, because to paraphrase a friend of mine:

Yuppies don’t have friends; yuppies have contacts.

Black and White vs Grey meets the Federal Funds Rate

Some discussion lately about whether questions are “shades of grey,” like a typical divorce, or whether they’re “black and white” like the recent Oregon-OU “bad call.”

IMHO, all questions are black-and-white.  It’s just a matter of how many details you are able to perceive.


 So, the ten-year rate is 4.60%, and the Funds rate ramains stable now at 5.25%.

We have a 65-point inverted yield curve, and nobody’s saying a damn thing about it.

Is it lagging details about how the Fed has calculated interest vis-a-vis energy prices?

Is the market trying to tell us something about the overheated housing market’s expected “landing?”

Or is it something else?

It’s “shades of grey” to me:  I can’t make out the fine details.  Can you? 

If you can, I am all ears.

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