Why the Umma doesn’t matter.

The Pope quotes a line from an old medieval dialogue that effectively says “Muslims are all about tolerance when they are few and the others are many, but let them gather strength, and all that they have to offer is violence and evil.”

And then Palestinian muslims respond by shooting and firebombing churches, with numerous Muslim authority figures threatening “wrath.”

Is somebody not quite comprehending the nature of the argument here?  Muslims say insulting things about Christians all the time — the polytheist slander, for instance.  And yet it is the “religion of peace” with angry men out in the street ready to do violence over an insult.

So… muslims are so fragile in their faith that all they can do to resolve a perceived insult is to throw a global temper tantrum?  Odd, that so many people who worship a God who is supposedly “benignant and merciful” will defend their Prophet’s honor by acting like Sons of Satan.

Okay, sure, that’s not all Muslims.  There are plenty of reasonable muslims out there who don’t approve of this sort of thing.  What, the 2% enjoying the peace and religious tolerance of Christian civilisation?  Well, there’s irony for you…  You mean we should feel better because only 98% of the Muslim world acts like it’s got an extra Y chromosome?  Every time you hear from one of these guys, he’s the lone voice of reason in a wilderness of the viciously insane…  I got news for you lone voices out there:  it isn’t Christians murdering your children with car-bombs in the market every week… something I would think might just barely qualify as a more important global issue.

With every passing act like this, the Muslim world at large proves itself more and more barbarous as non-Muslims are expelled from their homes to grow the Ummah.  Does Islam have a single peaceful border?  If so… where?  Proving themselves violent, ignorant, and pig-headed is what salves precious Muslim ego?  Year by year, the Muslim world grows more and more irrelevant as the Umma proves Manuel Palaeologos right:  violence is all it’s got to offer.  What will happen to these places when they no longer have any oil to sell, and no outsider will dirty his feet by propping up their economies?

Hey, lady.  One guy giving a speech ain’t a war on the Ummah.  Get your apocalypse-porn straight. War on the Ummah is  carpet-bombing your ports while hitting your cities with airburst nukes.  You haven’t seen what the western world calls real war:  Iraq is the one-hand-behind-the-back version we do when we’re here to free you from tyrants.  But you can relax… it will never happen, mostly because except for masked idiots setting fires and jumping up and down doing the “AK-47 Monkey Dance,” the Ummah is irrelevant.  Until that muslim public in its own land develops some ability to act like anything other than a drooling, spastic rabid dog, it will simply be left behind to rot in its own broth of darkness.

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  1. Mike

     /  September 16, 2006

    Hell yeah (to use my best rednecked, hick vocab). You hit it on the head. How many times do we get to hear big time Islam Holy Men rant and rave about nuking Israel, or how the US/West/England/whoever beat the Packers last Sunday is the Great Satan who needs to be wiped from the face of the earth? About every week by my count. I don’t know of a single border that is peaceful when it comes to Islam, it only has moments of peace when the other side (non-Muslim side) is to big and bad to mess with. When did Turkey stop trying to roam around Europe? About the same time the Austro-Hungarians got really tough. When did the Barbary coast knock off the pirate free for all in the Med? When the English and US came knocking on the door. When did the thrust into India stop? When the southern governments said enough and fought back hard. When did the Moros stop raiding other non-Islamics for slaves? When the US whipped the crap out of them. I am not a history know everything kind of guy, I have my areas of expertise. But I don’t know a single instance when Islam/Muslim expansion was stopped by negotiation or talk. Violence is the only thing they ever listened to.

    Now, counter to this is the almost sure comeback of how violent the west has been and how we have been just as bad. Well, partially true, but we have instances of when we did talk out issues and did actually stop expansion or settled on a border without shooting (Ethiopia comes to mind, much of the dividing of Africa, opening Japan to the West for Trade, trading with China, or settling the US Canadian border). Now I am not going to say any of the examples above are great shakes of nice-guyism or that it was violence free 100%, but it was as a whole much more peaceful and organized than anything the Muslims have to brag about.

  2. Sound bites are going to cause WWIII? Unbelievable. The text of Papa Ben’s address is freely available here.

    But do the Imams take the time to read and contemplate the address? Nope. No time for that… there are churches to firebomb!

  3. blair

     /  September 17, 2006

    I would like to think aloud.

    Let me set the premises:

    – There are no disproportionate human responses in a given population, on average. There will be some who will overreact to a mild stimulus, but in general, people are not hardwired to have hair triggers.

    – Disproportionate responses never start out on their own. There is usually a stimulus that provokes it, and the stimulus must be persistant. So we have an instictive desire to kill snakes on sight, because the information has been tweaked in our genes that poisonous animals with no legs will kill you, and your pet dog gets free food and a hug because of your personal history and cultural imagery.

    – If there is a disproportionate response, then you must assume that there is some additional information feeding the response, and analyze the information. Additionally, you must assume that the larger the reaction, the more successful the information is in propagating: no one is fully immune to bad information innately.

    – Imagination and memory store using the same mechanism in the brain. The side effect is that imagined wrongs can be as emotionally powerful as remembered wrongs.

    Por Exemplo: it’s the 1920’s in America, and you live in Georgia. You read about crime in the papers. You hear about crime on the radio. You have seen violence in World War I. What makes hearing about an alleged rape, make you go to Florida and flatten a whole town? Because there has been a continuous supply of supplemental information about the alleged perpetrator that has you nearer a threshhold for aggressive action, supplemental information on the alleged victim that has you nearer the threshhold for defensive action, and supplemental information on the alleged result that has you near the threshold for retributive action. And so with so many impulses being continuously primed for action by toxic information, the person is already at the emotional starting line for some kind of action.


  4. blair

     /  September 18, 2006

    And that gets you Rosewood.

    One more thing that must be accepted: humans, innately, keep score. And within the context of us and them, they will weight the score differently.

    So the Pope has a speech about the need to remove violence from the practice of religion. In it, he quotes a dead Emperor of a dead Empire about the proclivities of a particular religion.

    This provokes shootings, lootings, riots and letters from government offices calling for a kowtow. Moderates are calling this a bad idea, and insulting. Why? Because they are getting information, consistent in message in varying volumes, that no one outside of Islam may criticize, satirize or analyze.

    So, nonbelievers shouldn’t speak of the issue (setting the expectation).

    It’s a Catholic: remember what the Catholics did and are doing even now (in the current context this is manufacturing grievance).

    And look at what they have gotten away with all this, time for so long (keeping a tally of other imagined wrongs).

    We have been so patient, but no longer (reducing the tolerance of the subject).

    So generally, these are folks who are being schooled to be misguided and violent. Educated Muslims are showing evidence of thinking that the pope is being uppity when they fail to defend the Pope, whose position and speech are imminently defensible. They are as moderate as a mildly bigoted person form the 50’s who thinks the Klan is crazy, but supports segregation, and will move if a black family moves to the neighborhood.

  5. Coming from families that *didn’t* run away just because a black family moved in (and here in Dallas, nobody spoke to us once they realized we’d sold our house to a Mexican family), my bar would set that at slightly more than mildly bigoted.

    And why are they being so schooled? Seriously, what has the Vatican ever done to Malaysia?

  6. Mike

     /  September 18, 2006

    Part of their culture. Islam has a LONG memory (we had a class on this yesterday, what timing!), to them the Crusades happened yesterday and the blame is just as much the current Pope’s as it was the one that sent it off. The other bit is the “Greater Islam” teaching. We all know about the Sunni and Shia and the Arabs and the Persians and the Turks, but when the religion as a whole gets taught, you hit on the “every Muslim is your brother” thing. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a Malay or a Moro in Minando, the Pope insulted “you”. It also doesn’t help that many of the schools that Muslims attend are crap. Most (not all by a long shot, but a goodly number) are taught by Imams or assistants, and the courses teach you have to barely write, the Koran, and History (as preached by the faithful), and not much else (in some cases they ecourage students to read nothing but the Koran, and this includes math, science and so on) in order to keep them “pure”. Big Brother had nothing on this.

  7. blair

     /  September 19, 2006

    What ever happened to Wafa Sultan?


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