Why the Umma doesn’t matter.

The Pope quotes a line from an old medieval dialogue that effectively says “Muslims are all about tolerance when they are few and the others are many, but let them gather strength, and all that they have to offer is violence and evil.”

And then Palestinian muslims respond by shooting and firebombing churches, with numerous Muslim authority figures threatening “wrath.”

Is somebody not quite comprehending the nature of the argument here?  Muslims say insulting things about Christians all the time — the polytheist slander, for instance.  And yet it is the “religion of peace” with angry men out in the street ready to do violence over an insult.

So… muslims are so fragile in their faith that all they can do to resolve a perceived insult is to throw a global temper tantrum?  Odd, that so many people who worship a God who is supposedly “benignant and merciful” will defend their Prophet’s honor by acting like Sons of Satan.

Okay, sure, that’s not all Muslims.  There are plenty of reasonable muslims out there who don’t approve of this sort of thing.  What, the 2% enjoying the peace and religious tolerance of Christian civilisation?  Well, there’s irony for you…  You mean we should feel better because only 98% of the Muslim world acts like it’s got an extra Y chromosome?  Every time you hear from one of these guys, he’s the lone voice of reason in a wilderness of the viciously insane…  I got news for you lone voices out there:  it isn’t Christians murdering your children with car-bombs in the market every week… something I would think might just barely qualify as a more important global issue.

With every passing act like this, the Muslim world at large proves itself more and more barbarous as non-Muslims are expelled from their homes to grow the Ummah.  Does Islam have a single peaceful border?  If so… where?  Proving themselves violent, ignorant, and pig-headed is what salves precious Muslim ego?  Year by year, the Muslim world grows more and more irrelevant as the Umma proves Manuel Palaeologos right:  violence is all it’s got to offer.  What will happen to these places when they no longer have any oil to sell, and no outsider will dirty his feet by propping up their economies?

Hey, lady.  One guy giving a speech ain’t a war on the Ummah.  Get your apocalypse-porn straight. War on the Ummah is  carpet-bombing your ports while hitting your cities with airburst nukes.  You haven’t seen what the western world calls real war:  Iraq is the one-hand-behind-the-back version we do when we’re here to free you from tyrants.  But you can relax… it will never happen, mostly because except for masked idiots setting fires and jumping up and down doing the “AK-47 Monkey Dance,” the Ummah is irrelevant.  Until that muslim public in its own land develops some ability to act like anything other than a drooling, spastic rabid dog, it will simply be left behind to rot in its own broth of darkness.

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