Perpetual Adolescence on Parade

It’s not like I need much of an excuse to launch into a mildly-irrational tirade about the Baby Boomers and their moronically simplistic, self-serving, solipsistic disaster of a…. oh, yeah, I’m being redundant.  Sorry, I meant to say:  “Baby Boomers.” 

Oh.  You’ve never heard me on this subject?  You’re curious as to what I have against this generation?  Really?  Got five hours and a Haz-Mat suit?

But even I must kowtow and abase myself, for Lileks has now set The Gold Standard of Baby-Boomer Thrashing.

 Somehow they find the fact that their Old Man lied about Santa Claus – lied, man, stood there and lied with a big old smile on his big old face, dig it – is a piercing insight to the machinations of adulthood.

And that’s just a toss-off line.  I won’t spoil the rest.  I might frame it, though.

If you too want to throw up every time you hear somebody take mindless slogans like “don’t trust anybody over 30,” “Bake sales to build bombers,” or “Flower Power” seriously… you might just want to click that link.

But put your coffee down first.  Just sayin’.

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  1. snarky but good

  2. Oh, and he has a point about the two-perspectives thing: to the children the boomerly boomers raised to be just like they wanted to be, a Louis Vuitton purse at $300+ is a sign of good taste. To the rest of us, such a purse on a 40-year old senior executive or a 50-year old middle-manager is a sign of good taste. On the shoulder of a boomerly Gen-Xer, it’s a sign saying “that fool got played!”

    But of course we’re just a bunch of squares.

  3. Well, I have to be a square, because I don’t know about good taste. I drink wine out of a mason jar and am perfectly happy making my own shoes. I don’t have good taste. I have *MY* taste, which is often starkly at odds with the “signs of taste” crowd, b/c I have, you know, an *identity*. The Boomers spent ten years pretending to crave sincerity and simplicity, when instead what they really wanted was *really expensive* “hey I’m hip and not part of the machine” clothes to go with their “Hair” and commune STD-spreading lifestyle.

    For every guerrilla gardener like Pete who does it the right way (instead of assuming that his gardening hobby gives him the right to steal somebody else’s land), there are a hundred Boomers who talked it big and never got their hands dirty. And the kids that ape them are just suckers: all the baggage, and none of the excuses.

  4. Amen to that.

  5. celogomama

     /  August 22, 2006

    What is really annoying is how some Boomers can’t connect the dots! How did the world (meaning their worlds) get so messed up?

  6. No, they can’t. They’re shit never stank, and they really have no idea how any reasonable person could possibly not be just like them. The notion that “Baby Boomer” could be a vicious insult from coast to coast is as unclear to them as orbital mechanics is to a lawnmower. Having tried to take credit for all of the staggering achievements of their parents’ generation, while literally thanking them with public statements of contempt, they now find it not only incomprehensible, but almost literally imperceivable that the shoe is on the other foot, and that a generation and a half in this country scorns them and everything they stand for.

  7. Mike

     /  August 22, 2006

    Damn, don’t get me started. Jim, Russ, and everyone else has heard about my aunt and uncle and my perpetual war of words and condensation. Had another run with them this last weekend at a wedding where I got to listen to a comparision of alternative fuels and JFKs Man on the Moon program. Which lead to the “you just don’t understand how things were then” speech, which lead to my “Oh yeah? I don’t care how things were then and you don’t know how things are NOW!” speech.

    At least we were not treated to another 3 and 1/2 hour “we refuse to eat a chain restaraunt” speech and search for “local flavor” when you are starving. I just said “I’m eating here, join me if you want, otherwise see you in an hour” and went to Denny’s.

    Their shit never stunk. Boy that is as right as right can be. I get a 45 minute lecture (that ended with my aunt screaming at me) on how all corporations are evil (I was sticking up for Cypress who treated me very well in my time there) from my aunt who was making over $150000 a year from her executive VP position in her Fortune 500 company.

    Losers all.

  8. Well, that’s typical. I’m going to be teaching this fall up in yuppieville where these scum are raising their children. It’ll be interesting to see just how bad or good it’s gotten, besides the now-universal issue with feeling entitled to cheat and plagiarize.

  9. celogomama

     /  August 22, 2006

    Heh, maybe you oughta start researching homeschooling now, happy crow 😉

  10. Nah, you and Rufel are going to teach them in your private jobber, Jefferson Musashi School… 🙂

  11. celogomama

     /  August 23, 2006

    Now there’s an idea whose time has come


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