Bump: Orgasm or Fantastic Marinara?

HT: Puppy-blenders anonymous.

This one’s just funny, in the grand tradition of the “dog toy or marital aid” quiz (sorry, can’t link that one from work no matter how slow it is today; it’s blocked, for obvious reasons).  Can you tell the difference between cooking show hosts and porn stars? (Images unremarkable, subject matter NSFW)

I’ve had a lot of bodywork training, and there is a very specific difference that somebody who’s done child-development work would pick up on instantly.  Otherwise, it might be a little bit of a challenge.  Let’s see how ya do…

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  1. I thought you were being satirical: could you NSFW that link?

  2. The disturbing thing is I got every one of these right.

  3. Thought that had been made clear, but “DONE!”

    Superbiff: shouldn’t be disturbing. I’ve got a much better chance to get on the Supreme Court than Bill Hicks, and I did the same.

  4. No but you don’t understand.. I got them right b/c I was like “Oh that’s Rachel Ray.. and that’s Alton Brown”.. So expression mattered little since I knew who the person was already..

    And yes I recognized most of the porn stars by face, not by expression..

  5. “Well, I don’t think we have a place for you on the Supreme Court, but have you ever considered running for the Senate? Come on over here, yeah, come on to Bobby’s House — woo-ey, she go to that like a duck to water!”

  6. Okay, you’re right, that’s scary.

  7. Chris - Wichita

     /  August 9, 2006

    Mmmmmmmm…….. Giada.

  8. huh?
    Hey, you need to return emails, btw.

  9. Chris - Wichita

     /  August 13, 2006

    Emails? I haven’t gotten anything in ages from you, and I have your work and home email address in my safe list… Was this something recent? – I’ve checked my junk/trash folders and am not finding anything from you there.

    Re: Giada – shes Giada de Laurentiis, one of the FoodTV.Com hostesses on that link. Mad sexy, and has some very very cool very simple Italian recipes – she hosts “Everyday Italian”

  10. Oh, that gal. Good recipes?
    hrm… drop me an email at my box? Maybe mine just bounced (I gotta follow up on that mss query you sent. What I’ve got is WAY too extensive for the parameters you gave me)

  11. Chris - Wichita

     /  August 15, 2006

    email sent to your yahoo address…

  12. good. you ahve a virus, btw. I got a ton of spam coming from the pit about various peoples’ profiles…


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