LA Times shills for Syria

Here’s the headline.  You’ll love this.

Syria Wants to Talk, But Bush Won’t

Answer the Phone

Damascus has effectively cooperated with Washington on terrorism, says Syria’s ambassador. 

Excuse me a moment while I step around the corner and laugh my guts out.

Ah, much better.  Oh, here’s the rest of the article.  As typical for LAT, they figure all of this is Bush’s fault for not solving the “occupation” problem vis-a-vis the Israelis and the West Bank, etcetera.  You know, the “root cause” everybody likes to blather about?

Suddenly, Syria’s “stabilizing and necessary presence” in Lebanon became, overnight and without any change in Syria’s behavior, “an evil occupation that should immediately be ended.”  

Now, not to make any excuses for guys like George Bush Sr. — whatever the faults of the Neoconservatives and the “spread democracy” crowd, at least they don’t simply agree with the notion of coddling dictators forever.  On the other hand, the current crop of guys isn’t having to deal with Cold War realities, either, like the fact that Syria was a Soviet proxy and may STILL wind up basing Russia’s Black Sea fleet once the pressure in Ukraine cranks too high.  (Mark my words, this is probably how Syria will make itself “untouchable” to the West in the near future)

But still, Mr. Ambassador, you should have thought of that before your guys went carbombing anybody in Syria they didn’t like.  All those Al Quaeda types you either actively funnelled (or allowed to come through) into Iraq didn’t help, either.  You can’t simultaneously fling out Baathist terrorist janissaries on the one hand, and then get away with saying you’re great anti-terrorist leaders because your Daddy’s boss happened to commit genocide to stop some Islamists.

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