Hezbollah = mufsidun

The Herald Sun smuggled them out.

Yes, Virginia, that is in fact an AA unit without a single uniformed combatant, parked right in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Not that any moderate Shia have the power to so much as say ‘hey, move that shit, I live here’ without coming to an abrupt and unfortunate end.  It is hard for somebody who lives in a place where almost everything can be talked and negotiated into a positive-sum game (how many times have you been shocked to find a divorcee who is on good terms with his/her adulterous ex-spouse?  I can think of two instantly, and I know there’s a third that I can’t put my finger on)….

to comprehend an organization so murderous and rank with evil that they not only do not care about bringing civilian casualties on their own side…

but who consciously and premeditatively bring it about, because they view getting their own people killed as a propaganda victory.

That’s not jihad.  Hezbollah are mufsidun holding all of Shia Lebanon hostage to hirabah… and the future vengeance of sectarian Lebanon.

Responsible civilians should be armed to the teeth.

The history of the late-20th and early-21st century shows that it is the civilians who are the targets of what used to be considered purely military violence.  It’s not a matter of “accepting or not accepting” violence in your world.  Pamela Waechter — shot to death by a man who may or may not have been a nutcase, and may or may not have been part of an al Quaeda sleeper cell, but who was definitely the sort of man who felt perfectly justified in gunning down helpless little women just because they’re Jewish– was by all reports as fine and soft-hearted a lady as one could hope to meet.

The Chetniks who gunned down people in Sarajevo from twelve blocks away didn’t care whether their victims were young, old, innocent, or not.  They just had to be non-Chetniks.

Being peaceful farmers in Darfur was not enough to keep you from being bombed by the Sudanese air force, and then shot, trampled, raped, and bayonetted by the Janjaweed:  all you have to be in order to be brutally rubbed out… is black and helpless.

Similarly for the women huddled in churches whose outstretched arms did nothing to keep machetes from shearing through their bodies and into the skulls of their babies.

Like shrapnel killing marketgoers in Baghdad, for the crime of having shopped at the same time of day that some drugged up fattan decided he had to make a religious statement with fire and shrapnel and the blood of little boys and girls.

Think I’m being melodramatic?  This is the world you live in.

Right. Now.

The world itself is not growing dark.  In fact, human health is booming, and there has never been more potential for widespread relief from misery than now.  If you doubt that, consider that the US is in the middle of existential war… about which most of its civilians know less than who’s who in Golfing.

But the unwritten rules are changing the written ones.  You will probably never meet one of these mufsidun corrupt fuckheads.  But a responsible citizen should prepare for the notion that a Pamela Waechter’s life may depend upon you seeing the world through clear eyes.

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