It must be nice to be this ignorant

Berkeley.  Land of the coddled, where upper-middle-class white women romanticising peoples about whom they know nothing write poems.

Love Poems.

Lesbian Love Poems.

To Hezbollah.

It must be nice being able to think that you could be a lesbian in the land of Hezbollah.

Without, of course, being sentenced to be gangraped, gang-sodomized, and then summarily beheaded.

If you’re lucky, and they don’t include public stoning.

How anybody who lives in a place that espouses GLBT rights could be so fundamentally coddled that they could be praised and rewarded for writing love poems to people who are unreservedly proud to commit unspeakable acts of brutality upon the GLBT community at every turn… well, they’d have to be living in Berkeley.

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  1. Zathras

     /  July 25, 2006

    It’s the old standby—the enemy of my enemy is _____________.

  2. going to do things to me that my enemy would never dream of doing?

  3. blair

     /  July 26, 2006

    Sagan opened “The Demon Haunted” world with an anecdote about having a discussion with a taxi driver who was driving him to a conference on the Atlantis mythology, this being the time that they found some shallowly submerged bronze age ruins on a volcanic shelf somewhere in the Med. This driver was enthusiastic, and began to describe his own studies about crystal magic, the hidden mystical powers of ancient Atlantis, and so on. He was fabulously self educated in completely incorrect thinking. Sagan was aghast.

    Berkely is grossly mideducating people. Their fixation on 70’s colonial theories are a polarizing agent, and prevent rational observation and thinking. The woman is deranged. She has paid money and worked hard to become deranged. She has the political understanding of a political system that is as real as Atlantian crystal magic. She has crystal politics. She is as stupid as any Benny Hinn adherent, as morally dishonest as a Jayzee Knight employee, and full of shit as Uri Geller. She’s just chosen politics over spoon bending.

  4. blair

     /  July 26, 2006

    Hizballah is too male? Israel is colonial, and therefore evil, and Hizballah, is too male, and can therefore only be pitied. Well at least she found something worse than the primary descriptor of half the planet to hate. If I met her, I would know that on her list of niggers, no matter how low I go, I will only be nine on her nigger list: male. The ultimate nigger, the level ten nigger descriptor, is the citizen of a colonial power. You can kill as many of her 10 level niggers as you want, and be a poet warrior for doing it. That’s her ultimate nigger.

  5. eowyn

     /  July 27, 2006

    Look, obviously she’s a moron, but I know a lot of good, decent, level-headed people with their feet on the ground who just happen to live in Berkeley… which offers some gorgeous real estate and killer restaurants.
    Freaks and lunatics are everywhere.

  6. Yes, but, Eowyn, in 90% of the rest of the country, we call them freaks and lunatics.

    In Berkeley, folks give them awards and public funding…

  7. blair

     /  July 29, 2006

    Real conversation.

    “There is no argument for violence in this world.”

    “If you know of Irish history, you will know the Brehan. Before the invasions, it was atime of peace. We lived in the circles, and people came together to share their knowledge and strength, and the land was covered in trees. This was before all of the invasions.”

    “Kant is the ultimate expression of cosmopolitianism. That is the ideology that will save us all…”


    “Kill the Jews. Bomb them. I don’t mean kill them. I just want them all to hurt. I’m not talking a Holocaust here…”

    People ask why I have respect for Putin. Putin shows up and shoots you himself. He is all Putin all the time. If he lies, he lies to better himself, to hurt you, or do both at the same time. He doesn’t profess Kant, and the want to kill the Joooos.


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