Hezbollah on the Ground:Second Armchair Archon Prognostication

Here’s Haaretz, with an article mirroring the general knowledge — lots of Israeli troops fighting, receiving light casualties…

and yet, it’s supposed to be “heavy combat.”

Hrm… here’s what I think:  I think the Israelis have all the sophisticated night equipment US troops do, and they are generally considered to be good soldiers.

I think that Hezbollah is getting its ass kicked…

just like the Taliban is, difference being that there’s no vast supply of Israeli milbloggers feeding us the information that the MSM won’t.  (If you listened to those yay-hoos, you’d think we were losing in Afghanistan, rather than engaging in some of history’s most one-sided battles…)  Do the math:  otherwise, the only way to make sense of it is to say that these are nothing resembling heavy combat, but mild skirmishing instead.  Anybody here find the latter option plausible given the terrain?

St Louis gets whacked, prostrate before oncoming heat

Gateway Pundit has this entry from the No Fun Department ™.  It’s much more detailed than what I was picking up earlier in the day.

If there wasn’t a war in the Middle East, this would be front-page, above-the-fold nooz…

MSNBC blows it with “Worst Car List”

Okay, here’s the list.

And here’s MSNBC blowing its credibility to hell in a single paragraph:

….Our information about fuel efficiency is from the EPA’s Web site, where the American cars with the worst mileage listed are Dodge Durango and Ram 1500 models filled with E85 — a blend of ethanol and gasoline. An EPA spokeswoman says the agency does not consider alternative-fuel vehicles in selecting the most and least fuel-efficient vehicles. We, however, do not see why ethanol-powered cars would not be fair game for the list. 

Hey, guys!  How about the fact that anybody who fuels up with E85 can tell you that you get much worse mileage than if you fill your tank with straight gasoline?

Gee, you think maybe the EPA has a clue?  Did you at least bother to ask, before doing the “Narcissus shuffle?”

China rewrites history, to sound of scholarly laugh-track

Get this.  Apparently Genghis Khan enabled “cross-cultural exchanges” and set the footing for the Renaissance!

“He brought cultural progress that helped liberate the Europeans from the bondage of theology — in this sense, his expeditions served as a catalyst for the Renaissance,” he said.

Holy Cow! 

Because we all know that the Renaissance was an era liberated from the bondage of theology… (wink wink, nudge nudge).  Pardon me, while I walk around the corner and laugh my guts out.

(Walks around corner)

(Cackles uncontrollably)

(Wiping eyes dry)

Whoo, that was good.  What else ya got?


Seriously, if this is what they’re teaching over there, and it’s not simply a random slap at Falun Gong, I could go get rich giving lecture seminars right now.  So I gotta figure this is either an entry for Best of Chinese Communism, vol. 4, or a shaded political job. 

Rumors of Ugliness: Israel vs Lebanese

Rumors are beginning to swirl that if the Israelis commit ground troops, Lebanon will fight on Hizballah’s side.

I’m not quite sure how that would work out, although it would cause obvious problems for the Israelis.  It seems Lebanese patience with being blockaded (which is, after all, an act of war), is wearing thin…

Shaved Cows, Part Two!!

So, since I know where the shaved cows were, I used some basic investigative skills, and got a letter back from Roy Kallus, the owner of Elm Creek Farms, just on the north side of Troy. 

Welcome to the world of the Belted Galloways.  You are among many that have never seen them and are amazed.  We love them.

They are the most gentle creature that you would ever want to raise.  I live in that grey and green house and I have had that herd in my back yard…just so I could be close.  They will eat out of your hand, stand to be petted…are photo hogs…in general…just a great animal.

To keep you updated….about two hours ago…our newest baby hit the ground.

These animal are born with that stripe around their body.  That stripe is also the way that they are judged in quality.  They originated in Scotland, brought into Canada….and the girls that you saw came from Vermont and the bull came from Tennessee.

We are especially proud of them and are pleased that you noticed.  Lucky for you, is the fact, that is probably one of the best line of these around.  They were hand picked for their blood line.  Each animal has, at least, 4 International grand champions in their pedigree.

Now, as for shaving…I have thought about that just to keep them cool. 

So, that’s that.  I’m working on getting a picture of the farm or of a Beltie to show you.

Mean time, here’s a GIS for “Belted Galloway.”

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