McCain down, Rice up, Giuliani dominant

That’s the Republican Party results of the latest Gallup poll.

Giuliani rates highly, given anxiety over whether his generally more centrist-to-liberal social stances would give him trouble with cultural conservatives.  Likely this is due to his overwhelmingly proven leadership ability — Democrat or Republican, there is pretty much nobody in the country who doubts his ability to handle a crisis.

The real news here, besides 4 in 10 Republicans finding McCain unnacceptable (his campaign-reform gutting of the First Amendment certainly makes him unacceptable to the small-l libertarian wing), is that Secretary Rice rates so high an acceptability factor at 68%

That’s an exceptionally high figure considering that she’s a) publicly and loudly said she’s not interested, and, more importantly, b) has precisely zero domestic policy experience.

Which means, given current electoral numbers, that if she Veeped in a successful administration, she’d likely be unstoppable as a Presidential candidate.

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  1. I dunno about where Rice’ll be heading when it’s actually time to start wrangling the fundraisers (remember: she’s never won an election), but I’ll be happy to vote against McCain. Lately he’s been sounding more like Clinton than I’d have ever thought possible. Has he drank the “triangulation coolaid”?

  2. I really think he has, and I think he’s starting to realize how badly he’s pissed off his electorate — in his podcast over on Instapundit, he’s clearly aware that he’s getting savaged in the blogosphere.

    The question is the extent to which he can make repairs w/o coming across as a flipflopper.

  3. I don’t believe McCain is triangulating. He’s just yet another Republican who isn’t a conservative, combined with being utterly corrupt (let us not forget he was one of the Keating 5) and only interested in himself.

  4. Zathras

     /  July 19, 2006

    I have no idea if it’s true, but there have always been rampant rumors that Rice is a lesbian. She would have to deal with the issue early on if she were to run. If true, she would not stand a chance of winning the nomination. Even if she were to deny it, being single will make many think she is not telling the truth.

    McCain had his one shot in 2000, until Bush supporters sodomized him in South Carolina. Being perceived as old news is one of the heaviest albatrosses for a politician to bear.

    Guiliani’s social views is a deal-killer in the primaries. He won’t make it through Super Tuesday.

    The Republicans will likely have a relative unknown for the 2000 nominee, such as Romney or Huckabee.

  5. You may be right. I don’t have any big problems with Giuliani — the places where he and I disagree, his policy views are DOA in Congress — and I like Rice.

    McCain is every Democrat’s favorite Republican…

  6. Zathras

     /  July 19, 2006


    Have you seen The Fix? It’s the best source I’ve seen on the political horseraces. A lot of people who actually do polling hang out there.

    Don’t be afraid of the washingtonpost domain name. Since it is mainly just reporting the numbers, rather than evaluation of any policy, I don’t think you’ll perceive any bias there.

  7. Actually, I don’t mind the basic bias: I take that for granted in newspapers. Even the WSJ leans left (as opposed to its staunchly business-conservative editorial page). Where I twitch is the weird writing style..

  8. Zathras, there seems to be some sort of tradition of successful single women in the black community — it’s very likely that she’s just dovetailing with that trend. Besides, as a spoiler to the “Republicans don’t care about the disadvantaged” line the Democrats keep pounding on over here, having an ugly black lesbian at the top of your ticket goes a long way. I’d vote for her anyway, just ‘cuz I like her poise.

  9. Hrm… is Poise the new Gravitas?

    Enquiring minds want to know… =)

  10. Zathras

     /  July 20, 2006

    Poise is definitely the new gravitas. And she has it as much as anyone.

    There have been extensive studies on the reverse gender gap in schools nowadays (girls outperforming boys in every subject, including math and science, through high school these days), and with blacks, the effect is much more pronounced (black boys are not even in the same league as black girls now in schools).

    I’m definitely not saying the lesbian tag is fair. The thought of it brings back bad memories of teaching high school, when being single at the ripe old age of 24(!) was sufficient in some high schoolers’ minds to think that I was gay. A lot of the voters will probably have the same mentality.


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