Heat Wave!

Okay, here’s the US temperatures with Heat Index figured in.  If this isn’t legible, Drudge linked one up here(But I’m cooler, b/c I put the Plymouth guys on my blogroll, nyaa nyaa)


The deserts and the southern plains are roasting.  Not a good time to be working in your garage.  Though, locally, we’re going to get down to 82 tonight, which is GREAT.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. For North Texas, the temperature is really a non-issue — it’s something to talk about, and you try not to work out during the late afternoon, but otherwise it’s not a big deal.  Most of the folks here are acclimated, and so long as they can get access to plenty of water and shade, they’re just fine.  Hell, most of the yuppies here scurry like roaches from one air-conditioned enclave to the next, anyway. 
  2. The problem here in North Texas is that we’re moving into the worst part of the 12-year drought cycle — and we haven’t gotten much water down the aquifer from Colorado, either.  Some areas around here got some nice rains here and there, but big patches remain in severe drought.  Meanwhile, the golf courses just continue to throw water all over the place.  This time of year is when I really hate golfers.
  3. Ditto with Oklahoma and Kansas, both of which are used to getting temperatures every bit as high, and sometimes higher, than Texas (though they typically have better night-time lows).  So the fact that they’re cruising on a pretty even clip with the nasty SE-SoCal desert is no surprise.
  4. High 80s in the upper midwest/Greater New-England area along the Great Lakes?  Ouch.  Same for the Eastern Seaboard cities, most of whom know as much about hot-weather survival as Dallas drivers do about driving in the rain (aka, “the Wet Death is falling on the metroplex”).  Similar for the Pacific Northwest… there are houses up there that have never known the touch of AC, and people there aren’t acclimated for it at all.  You think the Canucks are all in the water this week?

Fun Fact:  if you pay attention, you can get a rough gauge to how hot it is based on the taste and texture of the air.  The air changes at 80, 88, 95, 100, 106, and 113.  That’s as hot as I’ve seen it w/o being in the desert.  Buddies of mine who’ve been in the sandbox say you can feel it change again a couple more times up to 125 or so.  Try it, soon you’ll be amazing your friends when they whine “it’s gotta be a hundred today,” and you pipe up, “nah, it ain’t above 95…”

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  1. We’re up to a swealtering 79 here.


  2. Yuck. SF at 79 degrees is not my idea of a good time.
    Now, SF three blocks off the beach at 79 doesn’t sound that bad… but I’d steer clear of Van Ness…

  3. Well, that’s at the airport; it’s not nearly so “hot” where we live. :o)


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