Gait recognition — a waste of time.

It’s a nice idea, but, um, sorry, no cigar.  Sure, different people walk differently, but anybody who knows how can easily make serious alterations to their “walking style” that completely change the game based on where you choose to put the effort and where you choose to make the joints more active.

Now, will most crooks be able to do this?  Probably not.  If they had anything resembling patience, they wouldn’t be your typical impulse-control-disabled little goblins.

But enough people will be able to do so that there’s no way this will ever hold up in court.

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  1. I mostly concur — the more important thing would be from where sampled. I have five gaits:
    1. raw gait
    2. bouncy, boxing-esqu lemur
    3. pinwheel’d pillar & post
    4. shift-walking (no good description for you)
    5. covering distance

    … but, while I shift among them sometimes willfully, if I were committing a crime I’d certainly have more on my mind than which gait I was using — it’s very likely that my raw gait would end up being used.

    Perhaps the only way that would foil anything was if someone kept a gait in reserve specifically for use while committing crimes, and hoped that such activity wouldn’t require use of a gait that one of London’s normal surveillance cameras might detect. That seems a long-shot. I’d say that should keep spending money on it.

  2. I guarantee you that I could do precisely that. Now, granted, maybe the average crook couldn’t… but how many above-average crooks does it take to make something inadmissable?


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