New header.  No, I don’t own Photoshop — this is an MS Paint Special(tm).  Heh.  I still like it.   You’ll notice that the sub-pages are gone… one, they’re not really needed any more, now that I’ve got the curtains hung, and two, I couldn’t figure a way to have them presented without big ugly color blocks.

This should be the final version for a while.

Gait recognition — a waste of time.

It’s a nice idea, but, um, sorry, no cigar.  Sure, different people walk differently, but anybody who knows how can easily make serious alterations to their “walking style” that completely change the game based on where you choose to put the effort and where you choose to make the joints more active.

Now, will most crooks be able to do this?  Probably not.  If they had anything resembling patience, they wouldn’t be your typical impulse-control-disabled little goblins.

But enough people will be able to do so that there’s no way this will ever hold up in court.

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