Anti-American bigotry in Budapest

Coming off a discussion with The Bunny…

There is some discussion, which you can read here, of whether ballistic defense bases in Hungary would increase the threat of terrorism in Hungary.  Some say no, some say yes.

Here’s “yes,” from a group that’s been absorbed into Fidesz (the current opposition party):

Meanwhile Christian Democrat István Simicskó, parliamentary national security committee chairman said: ‘Deployment of such a system truly serves Hungary’s security only if built far from the country. We could be put on a target list of terrorist organisations if such a base were built here. Such a decision requires a referendum,’ he continued.  

In other words, “me and mine are a bunch of gutless cowards who want to be protected, but refuse to take even a hypothetical source of risk in order to gain that protection.”

Welcome to the new gutless and contemptible Europe.  Iran now has the reach to pound Central and Eastern Europe flat any time somebody steps out of line or opposes their murderous hit-squads.  And, since there are plenty of Jews in the region to murder, you can be sure that the mullahcracy (which can and has gone all the way to South America simply for a chance to murder some Jews) will be looking in their direction soon.  And so what is Europe’s response?  Well, surprise, surprise, it used to be “you’re no-good aggressors,” but now that North Korea has reminded folks of what’s what, all of a sudden, everybody’s pressing the POTUS on whether the US has casus belli with Iran and being pissed off that the administration has taken their previous requests for a diplomacy-only approach to heart. 

First we were the brutal aggressors, now we’re nowhere near aggressive enough.  It’s just amazing how all that pacifism goes out the window when it’s European asses on the line…

so long, of course, as people like Simicskó never have to lift a finger in their own defense.  Welcome to the new anti-American bigotry:  all you’re good for is to bleed for us and our superior culture.

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  1. This is why I believe that we should withdraw our forces & bases from Europe and disband NATO.

  2. Part of me wouldn’t be averse to going back to the whole individual-by-individual treaty process… NATO gives us a lot of leverage and stability, but it’s definitely time that we stop funding European defense out of our own pockets.

  3. Mike

     /  July 7, 2006

    Its been happening. We are down to 1 BDE (5000) in Germany by 2008, out of over 250,000 during the Cold War days. And we are also ceasing to support and fund lots of little things. Radar stations, weather stations, refuel points, Radio relay points. And giving them back to the Native countries, along with the bills for running them which is required by NATO Treaty. Many small things equal large bill. They are paying quite a bit more than before and that price tag is going up.

  4. blair

     /  July 8, 2006

    Well, it’s funny that Poland now has a more seasoned army than the Germans. Europe in general needs to get muscular on the deployments. It’s about more than money. If you want to look at it fron the idea that the Middle East is about to expand cultutrally, politically and militarily, and the US is retracting its coverage, then Eastern Europe had better get snappy on internal security, border control and competent troops. Deployment and alliance are the way to go.

    Mike, do you rmeeber the what if scenario about Poland Finland and Czechoslovakia standing up to Germany together before World War II? The fantasy scenario played out that Neville Chamberlain sells out the Czechs, and the Czech ambassador stands up and says “You can have what you can take.” Then Polish troops, Czech armor and artillery and Finnish troops protecting against Russia, stand up to the Germans and make it expensive. Maybe not winning. But, because they were fighting, maybe not losing either.

    Eastern Europe needs something like that right now. Sort of like a NATO with Western Europe or a Warsaw Pact without Russia, purely for domestic defense. Everyone pays to play.

  5. The Poles and Finns have their honor intact. The Hungarians… well, they have been through such a wringer that they can’t even figure out who they are. That tends to empower the whiny gutless component of their society. (Varangy, if you’re around, you know I’m talking truth here — you and and my wife’s countrymen have one flaming flaw, it’s whining.)

    It’s kind of like they’re the French. Individual Hungarians and Frenchmen have tungsten balls so big they need a wheelbarrow to make it down the street. But the system at large seems designed to produce just the opposite…

  6. “New” ?

  7. Yes, new. The old version was “and take your stinky Pershings off our continent entirely.”

  8. Well, western Europe has had a long history of gutless activity since the end of the cold war, and it grieves me that Hungary would follow suit. I can think of other examples to follow other than the French. In fact…most examples are different than the French. Such as it is.

    One example would be the Japanese. In light of the fascinating ignition of a failed rocket in North Korea, Japan wants to militarize. I think they must do so, and we would be well advised to support their desire. The Chinese have been supporting the middle-eastern elements that oppose us, and a great foil for China would be a traditional enemy armed to the teeth. It would sure serve China in light of their own activity in the last 50 years.

    Rather than the US promising the rest of the world that we will always be there to protect them, we should play the same hand that our adverseries play, and let countries that want a strong defense build them. Let the allies that understand the problem fit the bill and spend for their own weapons. I strongly agree that alliances and proper deployment are the way to go.

  9. Mike

     /  July 10, 2006

    I second that. I am thinking the Bush Theory on “coalitions of the willing” and re-doing traditional alliances is the way to go. Hey NATO, we are tired of footing the bill, stand it up because we are out of here except for those who are willing to stand up with us (Britain, Netherlands, Italy, Poland). Hey Japan, we are all about you re-arming and we will help out and stick around.

    That’s the way we gotta be.

  10. Add Australia. NOBODY has stuck with us through thick and thin like the Aussies… even when they thought we were full of it. We owe them big.


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