Bezos’ Blue Origins


Well, was all over this yesterday with a new article… but I was, shall we say, more focused on plumbing than blogging.

Put short, Bezos has put his money behind resurrecting the Delta Clipper.  There are some good reasons for this –

  1. Rockets simply make more sense than shuttles do.  Sorry, NASA, that shuttle is cool, but it’s a terrible violation of fundamental launch principles — foam issue aside, there’s nothing, after all, like having your payload sitting parallel to (and thus, during launch, underneath) your explosive fuel.
  2. Bezos is using kerosene and hydrogen peroxide.  Fan-freaking-tastic.  Kerosene has one of the best Isp’s per volume, and is notably less toxic than current rocket fuel.  Good for getting past the EPA.
  3. They’re going to launch from around Van Horn.  This means my wife will be fundamentally unable to resist my notion of getting a trailer and a few acres in Loving county so we can watch launches.
  4. Look at the design in the article.  There’s a reason that they built the Delta Clipper like that, and like 2/3 of every bad sci-fi movie known to man (including those Soviet man-eating-monsters-on-Venus flicks).  The design simply makes sense.
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