Taliban getting its ass kicked

Apparently our local strategy is working.  Waziristani nutbags are coming to Afghanistan in order to pick up their 72 virgins or what-have-you.  Check this information from Security Watchtower.  One-sided doesn't begin…

Date Location Taliban casualties Coalition casualties
06-24-06 Panjwayi district of Kandahar province 45 killed 2 coalition soldiers KIA
06-24-06 Village of Mirabad in Uruzgan province 40 killed 0 coalition soldiers
06-24-06 Village of Bayanzi in Kandahar province 25 killed 0 coalition soldiers
06-14-06 Ziruk district of Paktika province 26 killed 1 Afghan police wounded
06-14-06 Helmand Province 12 killed 1 U.S. Soldier KIA
06-11-06 Siachave village in Uruzgan province 15 killed 0 Coalition soldiers
06-11-06 Saidan village in Kandahar province 12 killed 0 Coalition soldiers
06-11-06 Sangin district of Helmand province 10 killed 1 British soldier KIA & 2 wounded
06-11-06 Nowzad village in Helmand province 21 killed 0 British soldiers
06-10-06 Arghandab district of Zabul province 30 killed 0 Coalition soldiers
06-09-06 Tarin Kowt in Helmand province 13 killed 0 Afghan Army
06-07-06 Uruzgan province 13 killed 2 U.S. soldiers wounded
06-07-06 Helmand province 5 killed 0 Coalition soldiers
06-02-06 Chori village in Uruzgan province 20 killed 0 U.S. or Afghan soldiers
06-02-06 Miana Shien in Kandahar province 12 killed 4 Afghan police wounded
05-29-06 Kajaki district 50 killed 0 Coalition soldiers
05-26-06 Qal'a Sak village in Helmand province 5 killed 0 U.S. soldiers
05-24-06 Tarin Kowt in Helmand province 24-60 killed 4 Afghan army soldiers & 1 Afghan police officer KIA
05-22-06 Azizi village in Kandahar province 50-60 killed 0 U.S. soldiers
05-18-06 Musa Qala district of Helmand province 40 killed 13 Afghan police officers KIA
05-18-06 Panjwai district of Kandahar province 18 killed 1 Canadian soldier KIA
05-15-06 Panjwai district of Kandahar province 11 killed 5 Afghan police officers KIA
04-24-06 Miana Shein in Kandahar province 5 killed 1 Afghan soldier KIA
04-18-06 Dukah village in Kandahar province 8 captured 0 Coalition soldiers
04-15-06 Qalat district of Zabul province 14 killed 0 Afghan police officers
04-14-06 Sartak village in Kandahar province 41 killed 6 Afghan police officers KIA
04-05-06 Sangin district of Helmand province 12 captured 0 Coalition soldiers

There's additional information in the post.  It's apparent that we need to gradually continue to strengthen the Afghan troops' capabilities.  They're doing well, but not as well as everybody'd like (unless, of course, you're a Waziristani nutbag).

The greater significance of this, that you're not going to hear on NPR or CNN, is that every single one of these guys who gets wiped out is one less guy who might be helping to make Pakistan proper even less stable than it is, and one less guy to strangle his daughter to death for an honor crime or go on a murder vacation in Kashmir, throwing vitriol in women's faces and generally butchering anybody who isn't just like them.

So next time you hear one of those news programs refer to "ongoing violence in Uruzgan province," that's not quagmire talking, that's our side whipping the crap out of the enemy.

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  1. Mike

     /  June 26, 2006

    Yeah, what can you say really. We had wet dreams of battles this one sided in WWII (against the Germans anyway, we had some with the Japanese), but somehow in this situation we are not the good guys, we are in a quagmire or at least “not winning” and well, you get the feeling that if there was anyway to make the Taliban out as “heroic freedom fighters” then the MSM would. We had a great class here at Leavenworth on media and US military relations, and we hit on some interesting things. Things like the embedding program was really great at improving media and military relations. And that was why so many media outlets are now against it. Can’t have your own news staff understand the military’s side and actually try to put out good info. God forbid, you might actually want to support them. I think they were trying to get us to think that the media tries to be unbiased, but that didn’t work too well. But we did see how being open comes back to bit the press. If we tell them everything and are completely open, then we show that we clean up our problems (no one covered up Abu Girabi, unlike My Lye). And we can hit them with the “hey, guilty until proven innocent. Why are you giving Michael Jackson so much slack and we can’t get any? Isn’t that a bias?”. Oh that can hurt.


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