Prey item calls experts, salutes predator

So, let me get this straight:

  1. Woman has garden.
  2. Giant cat capable of bounding directly onto rooftops goes into garden.
  3. Woman wants giant cat to "live free in its own habitat."

There's only one cure for a nimrod like this.  Guess what, lady?  Your yard is now this giant cat's habitat!  Got kids?  Grandkids?  Pets?  Guess what, lady? 

Large predators don't give a shit what you think, and even less of one for your cutesy, prey-item view of a world where nothing ever gets hurt worse than can be handled with a band-aid and some Bactine.  THEY THINK it'd be nice to lazily scrape the flesh off your femur with their sandpaper tongues.

This giant cat isn't going to break into a rousing rendition of Hakuna Matata with your kid:  it's going to jump on that little kid and snap her neck like a twig.  Or else, if your granddaughter's lucky, she's going to get to struggle feebly while Kitty Boo clamps down on her windpipe prior to carrying her away to some dark corner to be Kid Julienne.

Sometimes I think "bring on the Apocalypse.  At least it'll clear out the morons."

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  1. Maybe next trip west she’ll pet a grizzly cub?

  2. One can only hope…


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