Thorium reactors coming?

I was playing a game a while ago, and my buddy asked "is Thorium real?"

You betcha, bay-bee.  FuturePundit says it's coming soon, too, to a reactor near you.  I'm going to see if I can con my Dad into commenting here, since he's a real-live nuclear engineer, and my degrees are all in the squishy liberal arts, but as I understand it, the increased safety bar puts this sufficiently far into "Good Thing" territory that we might be able to use them on a widespread basis as a counterweight to the "energy powers" using oil to prop up their various tyrannies.

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  1. Actually saw an online photo of thorium — it’s a matte-grey metal. cool…

  2. Learn more about future thorium-fueled, liquid-fluoride reactors at:

  3. And I thought thorium was what you treated hyperactive otters with….a 5 pound one.


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