The “Is Denny Hastert an Idiot?” Caption Contest!

And if not, what could possibly compel him to allow his lawyer to threaten the Sunlight Foundation with libel over a real-estate suit, thus guaranteeing that the blogosphere will break out the popcorn and follow everything his counsel does with a magnifying glass?

To begin with, Hastert's counsel has a ridiculously weak argument.

But beyond that, allowing anybody to send out something containing this passage

When it comes to the reputation of Speaker Hastert, there are no idle threats. Instead, there is corrective action – either voluntary or compelled.  

 … when any moron could predict that it was going to go public, is just beyond comprehension:  unless Hastert is an idiot who has lost all touch with how politics works.  On the one hand, yes, folks inside the Beltway tend to lose their perspective on how the rest of the country operates… but on the other, one would expect a keener response from somebody in his position.

We're discovering that this "culture of corruption" cuts through both parties in Congress.  This is one of the areas in which the blogosphere has much to crow about… Congresscritters who regard their safety in terms of legal action ignore the very real threat that public mockery and scorn present to their careers.

To start with, I'm going to start paraphrasing that stupid quote at every possible instance, just because it's so damned hilarious.  It's almost as bad as "nuclear power is our obvious right" over in Tehran…

  1. When it comes to the reputation of William Jefferson, there are no idle bribes, Instead, there are freezerfulls of cash — either recovered or unrecovered."
  2. When it comes to the reputation of Daily Kos, there are no electoral victories.  Instead, there is collective fundraising — either soft or hard cash."

I'm seriously thinking of offering a $20 gift certificate to the winner, except I can't think of a nationwide restaurant chain known for its pork dishes…

Hat Tip: Instapundit


Taser hit in action

Chris Krok, a nighttime radio personality, voluntarily takes a taser hit  (google video) in order to describe its effectiveness.

Hat Tip: Neal's Nuze

Thorium reactors coming?

I was playing a game a while ago, and my buddy asked "is Thorium real?"

You betcha, bay-bee.  FuturePundit says it's coming soon, too, to a reactor near you.  I'm going to see if I can con my Dad into commenting here, since he's a real-live nuclear engineer, and my degrees are all in the squishy liberal arts, but as I understand it, the increased safety bar puts this sufficiently far into "Good Thing" territory that we might be able to use them on a widespread basis as a counterweight to the "energy powers" using oil to prop up their various tyrannies.

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