Where has all the Firepower gone?

A link on StrategyPage worth sharing widely… we're not in your Granddad's war.

For starters, my Granddad, at least, much as I love him, would have been thoroughly outclassed.  Recent changes are seriously putting the hurt on conscripts and amateur hour, and beginning to flip the pendulum back to training, and against mass as a primary determinant.

For instance, much as we wiped the walls with the Somalis in the Battle of Mogadishu… imagine that one going off nowadays.

Which, unfortunately, means that asymmetrics is going to be the way of the future for those poor misunderstood members of the Rebel Alliance…

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  1. Outstanding article.

  2. Yep.
    Fix your site, dude, it’s depressing.

  3. Mike

     /  June 22, 2006

    Yeah, a little color wouldn’t hurt. But that article is spot on. I’ll have some interesting things to talk about over the Fourth. This ILE course stuff is awsome, and some of it is even talk about able. Along this thread, we had a brief on the Striker Brigades and what they can do. In a word, unstoppable. One brigade of these could take out at least a full Soviet style division without working up a sweat. Maybe two or three if they worked at it. Storm troopers (even with the SCIFI stuff) from star wars would be booted up and down the street and the Rebels wouldn’t even get the transports away because we would be inside their base before they even knew they were under attack.

    We are now that good.

    We are only going to get better.

    Join, follow, or get out of our way.

  4. Mike

     /  June 22, 2006

    Going off the Grandfather comment, I gotta add that you are right on about that too. 1 Battalion of guns can do now what 8 to 10 battalions could do in WWII. Hell, I will use my own experience. 1 Battalion of MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket Systems) in my day could wipe out (roughly) a 4 by 4 Km box. I mean dead gone, everything in it hit by bomblets. 1 Battalion now can wipe out everything of MILITARY VALUE ONLY in an area the size of Rhode Island. 1 Rocket per target, you will hit plus or minus 1 meter from your target, you can shoot from as far away as (unclassified) 250 kms, you will be able to get off 3 full shots per launcher in under 30 minutes. My grandfather would have had his mind lock up with that info.

    On the SCIFI side, the phrase is:


  5. I’ve read some of the basic Stryker layout. If they’re actually implementing that stuff, then the entire “take out the C-threat enemies to buy us time to prepare against the B-line folks” strategy will have been stunningly vindicated.

    Wish I had the link on that policy paper…


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