Tancredo and his tinfoil hat brigade

You know, it's one thing to object to illegal aliens' financial burden on the nation's hospitals (locally, Parkland Hospital is said on the news to be planning to bill Mexico directly, mwahaha), and it's another to remark on how unfair giving these folks special treatment is, compared to the degrading way we treat potential legal emigrants.

 But apparently, some guy Corsi thinks that George Bush is secretly creating the North American UnionYes, the link goes to WorldNetDaily.  I'm not proud of it, but it was a heck of a lot better than some of the places this story was linked up to.  There's not enough hydrogen peroxide to scrub my brain clean from some of these sites…)

To which I say heartily, "yawn."

 For starters, let's look at the facts:

  1. It can't be secret if it's powerful enough to affect anything.
  2. We'd get cane sugar for once in our soft drinks, rather than this corn-syrup crap.
  3. Look at all your scifi: none of us get flying cars until the NAU or its equivalent is in play.

So, since we all want our flying cars, let's egg him on…

UPDATE:  Apparently is has something to do with this, which is, point to say, seriously old news.  But it's got a cool map, and even lists the City of Denton on it.  So, you know, it's gotta involve space aliens and fluoride in the water…


Video Clips for the Salle

Partial Contact, Full Contact, and Old-School.

US to Islamic Courts: “Decision time.”

Over on Rantburg, a nice post and discussion.  Apparently we've made our official extradition request for a couple of WoT asshats.

Which the IC can choose to honor, or can choose not to honor, and instead face the repercussions.  Since the Islamic Courts is not a homogenous group, it will get interesting when one group among them is seen as bringing them trouble for failing to hand over outsiders.

Outsiders get short shrift in Somalia.  Going to get (more) interesting.

Where has all the Firepower gone?

A link on StrategyPage worth sharing widely… we're not in your Granddad's war.

For starters, my Granddad, at least, much as I love him, would have been thoroughly outclassed.  Recent changes are seriously putting the hurt on conscripts and amateur hour, and beginning to flip the pendulum back to training, and against mass as a primary determinant.

For instance, much as we wiped the walls with the Somalis in the Battle of Mogadishu… imagine that one going off nowadays.

Which, unfortunately, means that asymmetrics is going to be the way of the future for those poor misunderstood members of the Rebel Alliance…

New Link: Time Highway

Bowermaster over at The Speculist just put in a ton of work on a new critter… Time Highway, a future-prediction rating service.  He's feeling a little put out, though, that nobody's given him any feedback.  Since I still can't comment on his blog directly (it's not a TypeKey thing, either, I have no problem signing in and commenting elsewhere), I'm writing this so the trackbacker will comment for me.

Anyway, don't worry, Phil, we got your back, and I made a prediction for you this morning. Oh, and the other guy's right about the "rate" feature — it don't work yet.

Fat Women

And not just any old fat women, either.  Two of 'em, talking about where they were going to lunch, in terms that made it starkly clear, as the elevator went to my floor this morning, that food and eros are not necessarily distinguishable…

"Oh my God, have you tried their (insert funky restaurant dish name here)?  It's SO good."

"Oh, and I love their chicken…"

This isn't restaurant talk… this is FoodPorn(tm). I mean, this was an indecent conversation.  Small children should have had their ears covered.

But they were happy.  Kinda refreshing, compared to the typical depressive type I see cruising around the offices, you know, the one who's clearly unhappy about her weight but who likes to load up her massive wihpped-cream coffee drink, — the one that comes with about five thousand calories per cup, said cup being the size of my lower leg — with Sweet-n-Low on top…

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