You have been recruited by the StarLeague…


Okay, Zur and the Ko-Dan Armada aren't actually involved.

But I have an interview tomorrow at lunch with some folks who've seen me work and want to steal me.  Pay is comparable, working environment vastly superior, with actual upside potential as well if I decide I want to hang around and get motivated (~50% pay increase w/in 4 yrs).  The guy trying to steal me is retiring in a couple of years.  Quote:   "I'm getting ready to retire: upward mobility is my position."

The position is effectively mine if I want it… and there's a damned good chance I'm going to say yes.

UPDATE:  The gal with whom I was going to interview had a death in the family last night, so while the interview is still on, I'm going to need to do a double-interview.  Apparently one of my three apparent competitors tested and interviewed well enough to be considered an actual competitor for the gig.  The first will be today at lunchtime, and will allow me to take the skills test, etcetera.  The second will be a meeting with the local Regional Director on Thursday.  In the target company, that's effectively as high as you go until you're dealing with the Board and Board-appointed positions.

Assuming that the gent in question continues to cheerlead on my behalf (and he'd better, since he's the reason I'm applying), it means the gig isn't entirely in my pocket, but I should still have an advantage, since I'm going to be focused on company issues at large, rather than simply "I can make pie charts please give me a job."  More as it comes in.

 UPDATE TWO:  I have blown right through Interview #1, and have had the upward-mobility confirmed — the company has an explicit hire-from-within policy, and my predecessor was offered the same opportunities I'm looking for, but for one reason or another chose not to take advantage of them.  I basically went right on past the basic questions with "this is what you really need done, and this is how I'd go about looking to streamline it" type responses, which went over well.  Tomorrow I'm being driven to the final interview with the Regional Director (it's nice to be recruited!)… and should have a solid impression by Friday latest.

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  1. eowyn

     /  June 13, 2006

    sweeeeet. say yes!

  2. I intend to. I got the call this morning, and have gone from “ho de ho” to completely unmotivated here at the Bank. Just pondering what kind of resignation letter to write… and they know I’m already intending to do a little adjuncting if the possibility comes along, so there’s no neuroses on that score, either.

  3. Audie

     /  June 13, 2006

    To Whom It May Concern-
    You all suck. Even your pastries. I am planning on having good pastries tomorrow. Please do not expect me in. In fact, feel free to look for a replacement for my position.



  4. Yeah, what she said.

  5. Rufel

     /  June 13, 2006


  6. Russ

     /  June 13, 2006

    Don’t forget, Roses of the prophet bank of america…

  7. blair

     /  June 14, 2006

    Show up naked save for a tie and shoes. Hand in your resignation saying that the seats chafe.

  8. Best of luck there amigo! We will all be pulling for you!

  9. James: It’ll be interesting. I’m competing for a gig when I already have one, so I’ve got a lot of leeway here to simply allow the other contestant to take the job. I intend to ask a whole bunch of stuff about the company at large — how its business cycle works, what the folks I’d be supporting and learning from actually do, who supervises what, etc. And it will either turn out to be a great gig, or else a more-casual, less-stressful springboard for adjunct teaching.

    Blair: You’re a bad, bad man. You never wear a tie when you’re an admin — it scares the yuppies.

  10. well, though. Pastries……..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  11. Mike

     /  June 15, 2006

    Good luck man. Kill that intereview (in a good way). I’m pulling for you.

  12. Thanks. I have to convince the RD that I want to climb, but that I don’t want to climb too fast…


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