Massive ICE raids provide DC cover and career opportunities

Looks like a couple thousand illegals got busted.

I see two fundamental bennies with this, on the side of the administration.

1.  It's great air cover for Bush's two-pronged approach on illegal immigration.  It's a lot easier to push some pro-active measures, with weekly news of busts.

2.  This is the finest air cover a career ICE agent could possibly want.  Want to demonstrate that you're satisfying the taxpayer demands?  Deport, deport, deport.  This is one of those few situations where all you have to do is show a number. 

Gee, Phil, your department deported 1400 illegals this year.  Not bad… but Bob's guys took almost 5000 out of circulation… I'm sorry, I know you've really wanted this job… but I have to give Bob the slot.  There's another one coming up in six months — if you can get your numbers up, I'd love to see you apply for it.

It's not often that Taxpayer Demands so neatly accord with Bureaucratic Nirvana. Expect to see a lot more busts.

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  1. That’s absolutely nothing: the shot heard round the world will be when they start indicting executives under RICO.

  2. otoh, picking up a few thousand suspected gangbangers and sexual offenders is always a good thing…

  3. Agreed; although it’s a drop in the proverbial bucket, it’s certainly really important to get the foreign felons off of our streets.

  4. Well, if this sort of thing were to continue at 2-3 thousand people per month (which at current levels would be easy), by the end of the year we would have only achieved drop-in-bucket levels in terms of total illegal immigration.

    However, we would have made a serious dent in the level of “extra-problematic illegals.” And this is something that said guys in the bureacracy can point to directly.

  5. I say it is about f***ing time we staerted getting serious about the laws that are already on the table. They want to fly the flag of Mexico (or any other nation) over ours and claim it is the start of the reconquista, then see what the law of the Republic means. Good riddance. Let the government of Mexico and others deal with these angry bastards and put them in their own gang-banger jails. I, for one, and done with the notion that they are just poor seekers of a better life and let them rot in a jail in a foreign country. Maybe then they will consider a legal option to get into this country before they begin joining gang-bangers here. Thought….maybe we start emptying OUR prisons on the condition that they migrate to Mexico or Cuba or Guatemala? Why not? Cuba has done that forever, along with some others. Maybe France has the need for some more immigrants?

  6. Well, I can tell you exactly where the poor seekers of a better life are.

    They’re heads-down, assholes-and-elbows **working** for money to send home, and not even thinking of sticking their heads up to wave flags and waste time… and they’re **definitely** not going around gang-banging with those precious hours that can be spent either earning or sleeping.

    And so, they’re going to be lower-priority search targets for the feds. I appreciate the logic that they run their deportation risk at a lower percentage than people who think of little girls as sex objects, or who like to deal horse in their spare time.

  7. Ask your wife about their noble intensions. Do not bother to answer that, I already know the answer. I have to side with her and say that we should enforce the laws that are there. She obeyed, and she went through the mountains of bullshit currently required. I can appreciate them as well, as I worked with many of them as a youth. I used to think of the border patrol as the enemy. We would run out with my uncle and hide the wet-backs when the short-wave radio alerts went out. One of them, Ishmael was his name, was a really good friend to me in those days. Hw died in Mexico from a wound that got infected when he was about 50 years old. I loved him. I mourn for his death even now.

    The fact of the matter is that we have to enforce the laws of immigration that we have or we are going to all feel the effects. They bring – or have – their children here and they take money back to Mexico. We have weaklings in Congress now that want to give them social security benefits as well as other benefits even if they were gained illegally. Do the citizens here have the same rights? No. We do not. We go to jail if we are caught stealing an SSN.

    I am all in favor of repealing some of the madness that entails our immigration laws and making them reasonable. What I fear is that we are not going to do that. We are going to give amnesty – again – and then we are going to have the same weak laws regarding our borders. We are going to feed the monster instead of being a republic. Hell, even Switzerland has a border security.

  8. Switzerland actually has a fairly draconian one.
    I’m not disagreeing with you, James.

  9. This is utterly meaningless.. Keep trying to follow the story and see how far you get.. They have done busts like this every year for decades. What will typically happen next is that the judges will release them on their own recognizance and tell them to come back in 72 hours or such for deportation processing, then wonder why no one showed up..

  10. We’ll see if that pattern holds now.. if it does, K-O you’re on the money.


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