Alphecca helps spell it out…

In this delightful little "yay, we're not subject to mob rule after all!" post on the NRA and the City of San Francisco.

 This is why we live in a Republic, not a Democracy.  Democracies suck.  In a Democracy, a mob can vote that you no longer have rights, simply, as Alphecca's post demonstrates, by possessing a simple majority.  In a Democracy, no minority — of any stripe, be that ethnicity, religion, practice, or thought, is safe from being ground into the dirt by the simple factor of who has more people.  Simple majority rule, without the slightest brake pedal.

There is a reason that Democracies fail, and fail in a spectacular, bloody, made-for-Hollywood kind of way.

In a Republic, Freedom still demands Eternal Vigilance, but at least the diffusion of power sets the bar for Demogogues a bit higher.


Positive and Negative Liberty

In my previous example regarding KOS' "libertarian democrats," I posited that Markos is intellectually incapable of "walking the walk."

Here's a great description of the exact same problem, as well as a quick peek at why libertarians are neither ardent collectivists nor anarchists.

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